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Included below are links to digital recordings of lectures, speeches and other events at Whitworth from the current academic year. Listen to them now, download them for later or subscribe to our podcast feed and take them with you.

  • Click here for archived recordings from previous academic years.
  • Click here for recordings of community worship services at Whitworth.

Simpson-Duvall Lecture by Ronald C. White | April 18, 2017
Esteemed American historian, bestselling author, and former Whitworth chaplain Ronald C. White presents the annual Simpson-Duvall Lecture, "Ulysses S. Grant: A Fresh Look at American Leadership." The lecture addresses the topic of reexamining our ideas regarding Ulysses S. Grant and his presidency. White's presentation is based on his "New York Times" bestselling book "American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant." Download

Philip Payne Lecture | March 21, 2017
Philip Payne, Ph.D., presents a lecture, "Why Women's and Gender Studies Matters at a Christian University." Payne is known for his studies of the New Testament, the parables of Jesus, and Paul's teachings on women. He is the author of "Man and Woman, One in Christ" and is a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary. Download

Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecture by Kristen Johnson | March 9, 2017
Kristen Johnson presents the Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecture, "Justice and Our Calling: From Genesis to Revelation," in which she explores a biblical theology of justice. Johnson is the associate professor of theology and Christian formation at Western Theological Seminary. Download

Endowed Lindaman Lecture by Anthony Clark | March 8, 2017
Anthony Clark presents a lecture, "Finding Our Way: Thomas Merton, John Wu, & the Christian Dialogue with Early China." Clark is the Edward B. Lindaman Chair and associate professor of Chinese history at Whitworth. Download

Lecture by James Wellman | March 3, 2017
James Wellman presents a lecture, "New Theory of Religious Violence: From Abraham to Trump," in which he provides an overview of scholars' attempts to explain the role of violence in religious contexts. Wellman is professor and chair of the Comparative Religion Program in the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. Download

Black History Month Lecture, "Beyond 'The Color of Fear'" | February 28, 2017
Victor Lewis and Hugh Vasquez, two cast members of "The Color of Fear," a breakthrough film on race relations in the United States, draw upon their decades of experience in multicultural education and activism in this interactive presentation. Download

Stephen Davis Lecture | February 15, 2017
Stephen Davis, '62, presents a lecture, "'Nobody Has the Right to Tell Me What to Believe or Do:' The Illusion of Human Autonomy." Davis, a respected Christian philosopher, is the Pitzer Professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College. Download

Lecture by Aydin Aygun | February 13, 2017
Turkish national Aydin Aygun presents a lecture, "Anatomy of the Failed Coup in Turkey: Secularization and the Role of Religion," in which Aygun explores the relationship between state and religion through a case study of the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15, 2016. Download

Genetic Engineering Symposium | October 24, 2016
In this symposium, "Editing the Genome: Should We Alter the Future of Humankind?," experts address the ethical responsibilities of this new technology. The speakers are Nigel Campbell, Ph.D., president of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies; Meaghan O'Keefe, Ph.D., a bioethicist from the University of California Davis; and Andrew Scharenberg, Ph.D., with the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital, who studies how to use genome editing technology in medicine. Download

Lecture by Peter Wehner | October 18, 2016
Peter Wehner presents a lecture, "Reflections on the Current Election Season." Wehner is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He writes widely on political, cultural, religious, and national-security issues for publications including "The New York Times," the "Wall Street Journal," "Christianity Today" and "Time" magazine. Download

Lecture by Solveig Robinson | September 29, 2016
Solveig Robinson, Ph.D., presents a lecture, "Victorian Women's (Publishing) House Work: Gender and Cultural Authority in 19th-Century Britain." Robinson is an associate professor in English at Pacific Lutheran University. She serves as reviews editor for "Victorian Periodicals Review"; her books include "A Serious Occupation: Literary Criticism by Victorian Women Writers." Download

English Faculty Lecture with Thom Caraway and Casey Andrews | September 13, 2016
Thom Caraway, Ph.D., and Casey Andrews, Ph.D., present their latest research projects. Caraway's lecture, "Poesis: The Language of Creation," explores theopoetics and contemporary poetry of witness. Andrews' lecture, "Writing Against War: Literature as Peace Activism," discusses the work of Virginia Woolf, Aldous Huxley and others who wrote peace-activist fiction in the 1930s. Download

Fall 2016 Convocation Address by Beck A. Taylor | September 8, 2016
Each semester begins with the campus community gathering for opening convocation. Whitworth President Beck A. Taylor presents the convocation address, "New Identities." Download

2016 Whitworth Institute of Ministry: Final Worship (July 22) | July 22, 2016
Final Worship Service, featuring Brenda Salter McNeil. Download

2016 Whitworth Institute of Ministry: Evening Worship (July 20) | July 20, 2016
Evening Worship Service, featuring Brenda Salter McNeil. Download

2016 Whitworth Institute of Ministry: Evening Worship (July 19) | July 19, 2016
Evening Worship Service, featuring Brenda Salter McNeil. Download

2016 Whitworth Institute of Ministry: Evening Worship (July 18) | July 18, 2016
Evening Worship Service, featuring Brenda Salter McNeil. Download