Instructional Technology & Media Services: Satellite and Videoconferencing Services

Videoconferencing and Teleconferencing: Whitworth University maintains a membership with the Washington State K-20 Videoconferencing Network, with academic connections throughout the state of Washington.

  • We provide videoconferencing support and coordination.
  • We provide technology consultation for web conferences.We will research for locating conferencing sites.
  • For teleconferencing equipment and information, please click here.

To Reserve and/or Request Recording: Call, email or come in to our office for any requests. Email is the most reliable way to request recording if done in a timely manner. Email a request for reservations for group viewing or recording to ITMS at least a week in advance. Please include viewing date and time, (or if you want it recorded for off-air viewing), program name, acct# to charge expenses to, channel, your name, department, course number, phone number, email address. If you request recording, please keep in mind U.S Copyright Law for off-air viewing.