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Selected Whitworth Faculty Scholarship: 2005

Forrest Baird Book: Baird, Forrest and Raeburne S. Heimbeck, Philosophic Classics: Asian Philosophy, Volume VI, Prentice Hall (copyright 2006; published in 2005)

Philip Baldwin

Presentations: Violin master class, University of Central Arkansas, 2005; "Teaching Musicality to Orchestra Students," Arkansas Music Educators Association Conference, 2005; "Practical Practicing: 20 Tips for Avoiding Mindless Repetition," Music Educators Association Conference, 2005

Performance: String Quartet in E-flat, Op. 74, "Harp" by Ludwig van Beethoven, Spokane Symphony Orchestra, Spokane, Wash., 2005; Sonata No. 1 in G, Op. 78 by Johannes Brahms, Faculty Recital, Whitworth, 2005

Adjudication: ASTA with NSOA State String Competition, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Wash., 2005; MTNA String Competition, Whitworth, 2005 Conducting: Junior Symphonic Orchestra concert, 2005

Laura Bloxham Book Reviews: The Book of Bebb, by Frederick Buechner, in Dialog: A Journal of Book Theology 44:3 (Sept. 2005), 315; The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, in Dialog: A Journal of Theology 44:2 (Summer 2005), 197-98

Kerry Breno Presentation: "Modern Qualitative Analysis via Name Reactions in the Organic Chemistry Lab" to the Washington College Chemistry Teachers Association

Nancy Bunker

Book: Primary Source Collections in the Pacific Northwest: An Historical Researcher's Guide Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2005

Poster Presentation: "Three States of Local History: Aiding Researching in Locating Primary Source Documents," Association of College and Research Libraries, Biennial Conference, Minneapolis, Minn., April 2005

Hans Bynagle Book Reviews: Encyclopedia of Religion and War, American Reference Books Annual, 2005; Encyclopedia of Protestantism, American Reference Books Annual, 2005

Frank Caccavo Grant: Received a $25,000 grant from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to conduct research with an undergraduate student using a bioreactor to examine factors governing the bioremediation of metal contaminants

Don Calbreath Article: Teo, A. & Calbreath, D. (in press), "Embryonic Stem Cells and a Reformed Christian World View," in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Nadine Chapman Publications: Poetry chapbook, On Solitude (Finishing Line Press); essay, "The Demon's Looking Glass," in the book At Work in Life's Garden: Writers on the Spiritual Adventure of Parenting (EWU Press)

Lyle Cochran Books: Instructor's Mathematica Manual, Third Edition Update, Copyright 2006, Pearson Education, Inc. (This is not a new manual, but rather a manual corresponding to the updated version of Linear Algebra by David Lay), published 2005; Online Mathematica Manual, (coauthor Marie Vanisko, California State University, Stanilaus), Pearson Education, Inc., 2005 (Update of an earlier manual)

Heather Crandall Presentation: "Narratives of Poverty and the Working Poor in Prime Time Television Crime Drama," Media Ecology Conference, Fordham University, June 2005

Brent Edstrom

Publications: Musicianship in the Digital Age, 530 page textbook, Thomson Learning, Dec. 2005; Oscar Peterson Plays Duke Ellington, transcription book, Hal Leonard Publishing, Jan. 2005; The Very Best of Oscar Peterson, transcription book, Hal Leonard Publishing, 2005

Commercial Projects: Theme song arrangement for "The Tony Danza Show" 2005; Lecture recital: "History of Jazz Piano," University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau, Alaska, 2005

James Edwards

Books: Is Jesus the Only Savior?, Eerdmans, 2005; Commentary on the Book of Hebrews in the New Testament, Renovare Study Bible, San Francisco: Harper, 2005

Article: "Ernst Lohmeyer" in Biblical Interpreters, Intervarsity Press (in press)
Whitworth Press Release

Craig Hinnenkamp Presentation: "How Clergy Reconstruct Meaning During and After Professional Crisis" at the International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, Hawaii, Jan.2005

Rick Hornor

Stage Direction/Production: "Biloxi Blues" by Neil Simon, staged reading, Spokane Civic Theatre, Nov., 2005; "I'm Not Rappaport" by Herb Gardner, main-stage production, Spokane Civic Theatre, March/April 2005; "Traveler in the Dark" staged reading, Heritage Week, Whitworth, Feb., 2005

Adjudication: Statewide high-school Theatre Festival, Eastern Washington University, April 2005

Lectures: "Character Education and Curriculum Development," guest lecturer for Chang-nam Lee's course, Whitworth, Oct., 2005; "Room Service," "Love's Labours Lost," and "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom," for Development Office's trip to Ashland Shakespeare Festival, July 2005; "Service and Service-Learning," St. George's school, Feb. 2005

Edited: "Martin Luther on Marriage," two articles by Karin Heller, edited the English translation for publication in the Italian journal Anthropotes, June 2005

Mike Ingram

Paper Presentations: "Searches that Work: Finding Candidates that Promote Mission and Excellence" presented at the Lilly Fellows Network Conference on Academic Excellence and Hiring for Mission, Hope College, May 2005; "Teaching to the Mission of the Small Christian College," presented at the Undergraduate College and University Section of the National Communication Association, Boston, Mass., Nov. 2005

Dan Keberle

Performances: Music director and trumpet soloist with the Spokane Jazz Orchestra, Spokane, Wash., March, Sept., and Dec. 2005; jazz trumpet soloist, Faculty Jazz Band, for Young Life Banquet, Spokane, Wash., April 2005; solo trumpet, Keberle Jazz Liturgy, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Spokane, Wash., Sept. 2005; Keberle Jazz Liturgy, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Spokane, Wash., Jan., Feb., Dec. 2005

Adjudication: WMEA High School Solo Festival, Feb. 2005

Publication: Grand Central, Juju, Nemesis, Down Under and Fuller Love, arrangements for jazz big band, University of Colorado Jazz Press, Nov. 2005

Laurie Lamon

Book: A collection of poetry, The Fork Without Hunger (CavanKerry Press)

Poems Published: poem accepted for publication in Northwest Review and a poem accepted for publication in Colorado Review
Whitworth Press Release

Margie LaShaw Paper Presentation: "The Impact of Faith on Ethical Choices in Business" presented to the Spokane Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, Spokane, Wash., Oct. 2005

Chang-nam Lee Presentations: "Analyses of Educational Approaches: A Survey" presented at the Annual Convention for the Association for Behavior Analysis, Chicago, Ill., May, 2005; "The Effects of Repeated Reading on the Decoding Accuracy of a Student with Performance Deficits: A Negative Reinforcement Strategy" presented at the Annual Convention for the Association for Behavior Analysis, Chicago, Ill., May 2005

Michael Le Roy Book: Michael K. Le Roy and Michael Corbett, Research Methods in Political Science, Sixth Edition, Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2006, published Aug. 2005

Diane Marr Paper Presentation: "Theirs and Ours: The Reciprocal Impact of Counselor and Client Catastrophic Loss on Counselor Grief Recovery and Service Delivery," co-presented with Noelle Wiersma, the assessor and qualitative research expert for the project, at the Western Psychological Association Conference, spring 2005

Jim McPherson

Research Fellowship: Weyerhaeuser Center for Christian Faith and Learning Research Fellowship, summer 2005

Articles: "The Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections at Washington State University," invited article, Journalism History 31-2, Summer 2005; "Theory in History May Have Uses -- But Not Many," invited article, American Journalism 22-1, Winter 2005

Book Review: Reporting the Pacific Northwest: An Annotated Bibliography of Journalism History in Oregon and Washington by Floyd J. McKay, in Journalism History 30-4, Winter 2005

Presentation Moderator: "Crusades, Revolution and Change Agents," paper session, American Journalism Historians Association National Convention, San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 2005

Alan Mikkelson

Journal Articles: Floyd, K., Hess, J. A., Miczo. L. A., Halone, K. K., Mikkelson, A. C., & Tusing, K. J. (in press), "Human affection exchange IX: Additional evidence for the benefits of affection communicated to others" in Communication Quarterly

Book Chapter: Mikkelson, A. C., "Communication in the adult sibling relationship" in K. Floyd & M. T. Morman (Eds.) Widening the Family Circle: New Research on Family Communication. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

Competitively Selected Conference Papers: Floyd, K., Mikkelson, A. C., Tafoya, M. A., Farinelli, L., La Valley, A. G.,Judd, J., Haynes, M. T., Davis, K. L., & Wilson, J. (Nov. 2005) Human affection exchange: XIII. Affectionate communication accelerates neuroendocrine stress recovery, presented to the National Communication Association, Boston, Mass.*

Mikkelson, A. C., Farinelli, L., & LaValley, A. (Nov. 2005) The influences of brain dominance and sex on emotional expressivity, sensitivity, and control, presented to the National Communication Association, Boston, Mass.

Mikkelson, A. C., & Farinelli, L. (May 2005) Attachment styles and relational development in adult sibling relationships, presented to the International Communication Association, New York, NY.

Mikkelson, A. C. (Feb. 2005) Communication in the adult sibling relationship. Presented to the Western States Communication Association, San Francisco, Calif.

Mikkelson, A. C., & Farinelli, L. (Feb. 2005) The influence of attachment styles on relational outcomes in the adult sibling relationship, presented to the Western States Communication Association, San Francisco, Calif.*

Mikkelson, A. C, & Floyd, K. (Feb. 2005) Effective preaching: How nonverbal immediacy influences motivation, affective learning, and perceptions of credibility. Presented to the Western States Communication Association, San Francisco, Calif. *Received a Top Paper Award

Awards: Top Paper Award, National Communication Association, Interpersonal Communication Division, given at the 2005 convention for Human Affection Exchange XIII: "Affectionate communication accelerates neuroendocrine stress recovery" (with K. Floyd, M. A. Tafoya, L. Farinelli, A. G. LaValley, J. Judd, M. T. Haynes, K. L. Davis, & J. Wilson)

Top Student Paper, Western States Communication Association, Interpersonal Communication Division, given at the 2005 convention for "The influence of attachment styles on relational outcomes in the adult sibling relationship (with L. Farinelli)

Karla Morgan

Paper Presentation: "The Neuroeconomics of Distrust: Sex differences in behavior and physiology" presented at the Annual Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) Meeting, Philadelphia, Penn., Jan. 2005

Publications: "The Neuroeconomics of Distrust: Sex differences in behavior and physiology" in American Economic Review Vol. 95, No.2, May 2005; "Trade and Economic Growth: The Role of Trade Policy Instability" submitted to Journal of International Economics, Sept. 2005

Pamela Corpron Parker

Article: "From Ladies Business to Real Business: Elizabeth Gaskell's Capitalist Fantasy" in North and South in Victorian Newsletter 90 (1997):1-3 referenced in the 2004 Norton Critical Edition of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South, in the book's Selected Bibliography section

Presentations: "(In)Tolerance: British Women Writers and Religion" panel coordinator, Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association Conference, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Oct. 2005; "Imperial Feminism: The White Woman's Burden in Anna Leonowens' Romance of the Harem," Rocky Mountain Languages Association Conference, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Oct. 2005; "Northern Locations: Elizabeth Gaskell and Literary Tourism," The Gaskell Society Conference on Elizabeth Gaskell and Manchester, Manchester, England, July 2005

Ron Pyle Seminar Presentation: "Practical Tensions in Postmodern Preaching," Effective Preaching in a Postmodern World Conference, Whitworth University, Spokane, Wash., July 2005

Heather Rogers Consulting and Report Presentation: State of Idaho v. Geoffrey S. Magnuson, fraud investigator and expert witness, Nez Perce County prosecutor's office in a continuing felony fraud case since August 18, 2003. Investigated, reported both orally and in writing to the lead investigator and assistant prosecuting attorney assigned to the case, testified in a preliminary hearing, and provides continuing assistance to the assistant prosecutor assigned to the case in preparation for the trial in 2006

Todd Sandberg Presentation: "Current Issues in the Management of Head and Neck Injuries," Northwest Athletic Trainers Association Clinical Symposium, Spokane, Wash., March 2005

Barbara Sanders Paper Presentation: "Collaborative Leadership: A Model for Change in a Complex Educational Environment," Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE) Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., Feb. 2005 (with Dennis Sterner, Randall Michaelis, David Cherry and Sharon Mowry); "Eastern Washington Connections and Inquiry: Building Capacity for Change in Science and Math Instructional Practices," Washington Educational Research Association Annual Assessment Conference, Seattle, Wash., Dec. 2005 (with Chris Tuckermann, Jon Hanson, Mindy Poindexter and Tammy Mendoza)

Kamesh Sankaran Article: K. Sankaran, E. Y. Choueiri, and S. C. Jardin, "Comparison of Simulated Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster Flowfields to Experimental Measurements," in Journal of Propulsion and Power, v.21, #1:129-138, 2005

Rich Schatz Expert Witness Report Presentations: Stricker v. Mountainview Credit Union, expert witness in forensic economics for the plaintiff and his attorney, Ken Isserlis, 2005; Linder v. US Postal Service, expert witness in forensic economics for the plaintiff and his attorney, Ken Isserlis, 2005; Doney v. Sunshine Recyclers, Inc., expert witness in forensic economics for the plaintiff and his attorney, Cynthia DeLeon, 2005

Judith Schoepflin Invited Performance: Washington State Music Teachers' Convention at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash., June 2005, solo and chamber music by women composers. Chamber music works performed with other Whitworth faculty

Bendi Benson Schrambach Presentations: "Le Spleen de Paris: An Argument for Morality," Faculty Scholarship Competition, Whitworth University, Feb. 2005; "Storytelling Transformations: Narrative, Rhetoric and Community in Marguerite de Navarre's L'Heptaméron and Charles Baudelaire's Le Spleen de Paris," dissertation, 2005

Melissa Sprenkle

Paper Presentation: "Access to Desire? Agency and Subjectivity in Genre Theory," the 56th Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, San Francisco, Calif., March 2005

Research Fellowship: "The Rhetoric of Abjection in Old English Soul and Body," Weyerhaeuser Summer Research Fellowship, summer 2005

Karen Stevens

Grant: $40,000 grant from M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, startup funds for new chemistry faculty member, 2005

Journal Publication: "Using Visible Absorption to Analyze Solutions of Kool-Aid and Candy" in Journal of Chemical Education

Richard Stevens


Grant: Principle Investigator of a $109,000 grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for two years of summer science research projects conducted by four faculty-student teams, 2005

Paper Presentation: "Fibonacci Numbers as Hands-On Analogues to Quantum Numbers," American Association of Physics Teachers Washington/Oregon Joint Conference, fall 2005

Ann Teberg Presentation: "Student Choices: Ownership and Assessment" at the College Reading Association Annual Conference, Savannah, Georgia, Nov. 2005

Adrian Teo


Publication: Teo, A. & Calbreath, D., "Embryonic Stem Cells and a Reformed Christian World View," in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (in press)

Presentation: Teo, A., Altruism: A re-examination of the evolutionary psychological explanation, poster presented at the meeting of the Western Psychological Association's 85th Annual Convention, Portland, Ore. (2005)

Craig Tsuchida


Presentations: "Games people (and other animals) play: decision-making insights from game theory," Faculty Scholarship Forum, Whitworth University, Spokane, Wash., spring 2005; "Darwin," guest lecture, Core 250, Whitworth, summer 2005

Consulting: "Turn the sun on, it will grow," expert consultant for article in The Spokesman-Review, July 2005

Peter Tucker


Articles: Jin Li, David Maier, Kristin Tufte, Vassilis Papadimos, and Peter Tucker, "Semantics and Evaluation Techniques for Window Aggregates in Data Streams," Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD Conference, June 2005

David Maier, Peter A. Tucker, and Minos Garofalakis, "Filtering, Punctuation, Windows and Synopses," In Nauman Chaudhry, Kevin Shaw, and Mahdi Abdelguerfi, editors, Stream Data Management, Chapter 3, Springer, April 2005

Jin Li, David Maier, Kristin Tufte, Vassilis Papadimos and Peter A. Tucker, "No Pane, No Gain: Efficient Evaluation of Sliding-Window Aggregates over Data Streams," SIGMOD Record, 34(1):39-44, March 2005

David Maier, Jin Li, Peter Tucker, Kristin Tufte, and Vassilis Papadimos, "Semantics of Data Streams and Operators," Proceedings of Database Theory -- ICDT 2005: 10th International Conference, pages 37-52, Jan. 2005
"Semantics and Evaluation Techniques for Window Aggregates in Data Streams"
"No Pane, No Gain: Efficient Evaluation of Sliding-Window Aggregates over Data Streams"

Kyle Usrey


Business and Legal Consulting: Global Connect, Inc. provides relief and micro-business work from the tsunami in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia (Aceh), 2005; Foundation for Advancement of Intercultural Resources, provides for the preservation of disappearing cultural arts in SE Asia, 2005; Salta, Inc., a Texas-based oil pipeline company with several proprietary products and services seeking to expand internationally, particularly in Asia, 2005; Small anonymous for-profit businesses doing business as missions work in China, Turkey and Zanzibar, 2005

Articles: "Leverage Private Investment for Public Good," in the Roundtable, The Spokesman-Review, Oct. 2005; "Capitalism Takes China by Storm," interviewed for an article written by Bert Caldwell, The Spokesman- Review, Aug. 2005

Jim Waller


Chapters Published in Edited Volumes: Waller, J.E. (2005) "Becoming evil: A model of how ordinary people commit genocide and mass killing" in Dagmar Herzog (ed.), Lessons and Legacies (Volume VII): The Holocaust in International Perspective (Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press); Waller, J.E. (2005) "Becoming evil: How ordinary people commit genocide and mass killing" in Mari Fitzduff and Chris E. Stout (eds.), The Psychology of Resolving Global Conflicts: From War to Peace (Westport, CT: Praeger Press)

Manuscripts Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals: Waller, J.E. (2005) "Becoming evil: The making of terrorists," International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, 42 (2), 170-198

Book: Revised and updated 2005 edition of Becoming Evil: How Ordinary People Commit Genocide and Mass Killing (2002, Oxford University Press)

Conference Leadership: Led the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities conference for chief academic officers, at the Martin Luther King Historic District, in Atlanta, Georgia; led a Holocaust-studies seminar at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, D.C.
Whitworth Press Release [Becoming Evil] ;
Whitworth Press Release [Holocaust-studies seminar]

Kirk Westre


Presentation: Hammermeister, J.J., Baldwin, N., Westre, K. & Chase, M. (2005) "Servant leadership in sport: A concept whose time has arrived," paper presented at the Alliance for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference, Vancover, B.C., Canada, Oct., 2005

Noelle Wiersma


Articles: Wiersma, N. S. (in press) "The Perceived Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Adult Relationship Partners of Female Primary Survivors," in Child Abuse and Its Impact (2 vols.), Hauppage, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.; Wiersma, N. S. (in press), "The Wesleyan Tradition and Qualitative Inquiry in Contemporary Counseling Psychology: Heart and Mind as Art and Science," in Christian Scholar's Review

Gordon Wilson


Juried and Invitational Exhibitions: Bread Upon the Waters, Christians in the Visual Arts Juried National Traveling Print and Drawing Exhibition, multi-year including 2005, numerous venues; Space and Spirit: Artistic Interpretations of Sacred Place, Juried National Exhibition, Jan. 2005, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 40 art works by 40 artists, Chase Gallery All Media Juried Show, Regional Juried Exhibition, Jan. 2005, Spokane City Hall Chase Gallery, Spokane, Wash.

Drawing in Series, Helen Figge Moss Memorial Exhibition, Single Person Exhibition, Gallery Talk and Visiting Artist Presentations, The Stony Brook School, Stony Brook, New York; drawing purchased and included in the Stony Brook School Permanent Collection of Art; Arte Sagrado, National Juried Exhibition of Artworks from a Christian Perspective (Contemporary Sacred Art), April 2005, Concordia University, Austin, Texas; Works from the Heart, 20th Annual Contemporary Art Auction, Regional/National Invitational Exhibition, February 2005, Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Spokane, Wash.

Keith Wyma Paper Presented: "The Thomistic View of Civil Disobedience," Society of Christian Philosophers, Pacific Region Meeting, George Fox University, April, 2005

John Yoder


Article: "Reconstructing Liberian Political Culture: Tentative Suggestions," in Liberian Studies Journal, 30, 2. Dec. 2005

Encyclopedia Entries: "Liberia: Origins and Foundations of the Republic," "Liberia: 19th Century Politics, Society, and Economy," "Msiri's Yeke Kingdom," "Kasai and Kuba: Chiefdoms and Kingdom," and "Luba: Origins and Growth," in the Encyclopedia of African History, Kevin Shillington, ed., London: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2005