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Off-Campus Opportunities

Central America Study and Service Program

Term: January/Spring 2016
Description: You will have the opportunity to live, study, and serve in Central America alongside an intentional community of your Whitworth peers and faculty, as well as Central American teachers, community leaders, and families. This academic study abroad program will differ significantly from anything you have ever experienced before. The courses are designed to help you integrate all aspects of your experiences, relationships, reading, observation, ideas, insights and feelings as you live and learn in Central America. Whitworth’s educational principles seek the development of the whole person.

Christianity in Britain

Term: January 2017
Description: Examine the origins, development and influence of the Christian Church in Great Britain, particularly England and Scotland. Primary consideration will be given to the Church’s major historical figures, religious movements, spiritual traditions, theological issues, and ecclesiastical controversies that have played a formative role in British culture from the arrival of the earliest Christian missionaries to today.

Early Christian Sites in Turkey REDIRECTED TO GREECE

Term: January 2016
Description: THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN REDIRECTED TO GREECE IN RESPONSE THE US STATE DEPARTMENT TRAVEL WARNING. A study program of Biblical Asia minor (modern-day Turkey). Students will be exposed to the earliest Christian sites in the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul and his companions, sites in Turkey associated with the early church fathers and the monastic movement in Cappadocia, the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire, and the expansion of Islam in Turkey. The primary objective of this January study program is to introduce students to the earliest sites related to the Christian missionary outreach of the Apostle Paul in Biblical Asia Minor (modern Turkey). This objective cannot be achieved without understanding the rise of Christianity within the ancient Hellenistic and Roman world, of which Turkey was a central part. The study program exposes students to a virtual cross-cut of Western history as played out in the critical region of Turkey. Important epochs of this history include the Hellenization of the ancient world by the campaigns of Alexander the Great, the rise of Christianity, the church fathers and monastic movement in Cappadocia, the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire, the expansion of Islam after 1453, Gallipoli and the role of Turkey in World War I, and the significance of the Bosphorus in ancient and modern times.

Ecology and the Bible

Term: January 2017
Description: Develops a biblical theology of creation care rooted in Scripture’s portrayal of creation and redemption in Christ. Attention is given to environmental issues and the ecology and natural history of the Northwest. Includes study, work, worship, outdoor exploration and disciplined reflection.

In the spectacular winter setting of Tall Timber Ranch in the North Cascades, we will immerse ourselves in the study of Scripture, learn about natural history and local ecology, ponder the state of the planet, play in the snow, and join together in worship and reflection as we contemplate the glory of God’s creation and redemption in Christ and what it means for how we live in the world today.

Monasticism: Old and New

Term: January 2016
Description: • Experience three weeks of living in a monastic setting • Enjoy the pleasure of a winter in the Cascades • Study the history of spirituality and monasticism • Apply lessons from history to your own life and future • Read classic texts like: Augustine’s Confessions and The Rule of St. Benedict • Practice such spiritual disciplines as Lectio Divina • Benefit from the quiet and slower pace

Prejudice Across America

Description: Study the history of Prejudice Across America. Fulfills the American Diversity requirement.


Description: Visit sites in Germany associated with the Reformation of the 16th Century and with the German Church struggle under Hitler in the 1930s.

Service in Tanzania

Description: The focus of this course is to engage and interact with the African culture. This will be achieved through a number of service projects, by home stays with host families and through large group lectures and debriefing sessions. Students will be expected to participate in the service projects and in the daily life activities of the host families. There are plans to travel to various areas in Tanzania which may include Dar-Es-Salaam and the former slave market in Bagamoyo. Participants will register for a 1.0 credit preparation course during Fall 2008.

Tanzania Study Program

Term: Spring 2017
Description: TBD

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