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Off-Campus Opportunities

CS/Math in a Cultural Context - Ireland & Wales

Description: This program explores CS, applied math and related business in modern Irish and Welsh societies. The program includes university exchanges, industry visits. Students design and propose a technical project particular to a visited location. We reflect on roles technology plays in the societies, on issues having local and global impact. Cultural exchanges occur in working activities, church fellowship, housing arrangements and personal interactions. Experience sites rich in heritage and culture - contrasts between rural and contemporary, Neolithic/Celtic and Roman sites, castles, churches and more. We travel London, Wales and Republic of Ireland. This program is open to non-CS/Math majors meeting prerequisites.
Click here to view an online travelogue from Ireland & Wales (January 2008)

Math History

Term: January 2017
Description: For many of us, our experience with mathematics has been primarily through a textbook: equations, theorems, proofs, examples and exercises. But behind each of these results is a person, and a story. They are stories of political and religious intrigue, competition and collaboration, commercial and military impetuses, moments of insight and patient persistence. In this 3-week study-program we will travel to the places famous mathematicians lived and worked. We will see the buildings they planned, the art they produced, the equipment they worked with, their inventions and some of their original writings. Along the way local math and history guides who will help to put what we see into a historical context will join us. We’ll gain an understanding of how mathematical ideas have developed over time, how social, cultural and historical factors have influenced the development of mathematics and conversely, how mathematics contributed to society and human culture. You will never look at those theorems and proofs in quite the same way again!

Technology & Culture

Description: A Jan Term study program that focuses on the interactions between technology and culture. Students will broaden their cross-cultural understanding by exploring the role of technology in another culture as well as the influence the culture has had on technology. Students will participate in university exchanges, visit vital industries, travel to important historical cultural sites, attend different churches, and engage in other rich cross-cultural experiences such as service projects. Students are required to prepare for this program by taking CS 359 Introduction to Technology & Culture.

Technology & Culture, SE Asia

Description: See the different faces of Asia! Appreciate why China is called the Factory of the World. Explore the urban/rural, and historical/modern sides of Asia. Understand how society and technology intersect in the largest continent in the world!

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