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New Campus Mailing Addresses

Whitworth's mailing address is 300 W. Hawthorne Road, Spokane, WA 99251 (which is not a P.O.
box address). We accept packages from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and local vendors. In the section below (Student Mailing Address Example), we have included an example of how your incoming mail should be addressed. Please share your personal address with family members and friends, online shipping companies such as and eBay, and anyone else who might be sending you mail at Whitworth. And once you receive your four-digit mailbox number, you should provide it to all of your correspondents. We cannot guarantee that you will keep the same mailbox if you go on hiatus, study abroad, or take a leave of absence. If you should be away from Whitworth for an extended period of time, please check with the student post office when you are ready again to begin receiving your mail at Whitworth. When you move off campus, even across the street, your ZIP Code will change. 99251 is an exclusive ZIP Code for Whitworth University. To avoid delays in mail delivery after you move off campus, be sure you have updated your ZIP Code. Because your ZIP Code is instrumental in the way the U.S. Postal Service directs mail, the USPS will route your mail to Whitworth unless you submit a change-of-address that includes the new ZIP Code. For your convenience you can verify your ZIP Code online at the following address:

Student Mailing Address Example:

Student Name
Student Box No.
300 W. Hawthorne Rd.
Spokane, WA 99251

Think of your student mailbox number as an apartment number, not a P.O. Box number. If your name were George Whitworth, this is what your mailing address at Whitworth would look like:

George Whitworth
S.B. 1890
300 W. Hawthorne Rd.
Spokane, WA 99251

For additional information about Whitworth Student Post Office hours, shipping methods, or policies, please visit the Whitworth Student Post Office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You can also reach us at 509.777.3279.


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