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Natsihi (Yearbook), 1914
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Description of Collections

General Collection (PDF)
The General Collection is made up of materials pertaining to the history of Whitworth since 1890. A records retention schedule (PDF) assures that the General Collection receives all necessary Whitworth publications and other records of historical value. Learn more about Whitworth and its archival collections through this online exhibit.

Pacific Northwest Protestantism Collection (PDF)
This is a special collection in Pacific Northwest Protestant history, which is connected with the university's Institute for Protestant Studies in the Pacific Northwest through the Weyerhaeuser Center for Faith & Learning. The purpose of the institute is to provide a regional resource for historical and professional study in areas related to the functioning of Protestantism in the larger cultural context of the Pacific Northwest.

The archives' Protestant history collection is growing through donations of the records of churches, other religious bodies and social service organizations with religious roots. Also, a bibliography (PDF) is available that lists all books held in the Whitworth University Library having to do with Protestantism in the Pacific Northwest.