Why Whitworth

Getting to the core of your worldview

Welcome to Whitworth's renowned Core Worldview Studies Program -- in which St. Francis of Assisi's impassioned service and sacrifice push you to a deeper understanding of God's call on your life; Nietzsche's rants against the gutless herd's lack of intellectual honesty hit a bit too close to home; and a growing awareness of the ethical implications of your worldview raises unsettling questions as you order your espresso.

Students call Core "the toughest courses you'll ever love." Why? Because Core courses challenge your worldview as they explore the forces that have shaped it.

You'll start with Core 150 and the history of the Judeo-Christian tradition, which asks essential questions about God's identity and ultimate truth. Core 250 explores Western philosophies, from Plato and Aristotle to Nietzsche and Dostoevsky, as well as rationalist ways of knowing. Finally, there's Core 350, where you apply the worldview convictions you've examined and developed in the first two courses to ethical and political issues relevant to contemporary society.

Core exams and papers are the stuff of Whitworth legend. The pace and breadth of the lectures can be intimidating. Discussion groups may raise more questions than answers. But the most important and demanding work comes from investigating the foundations of your most closely held beliefs.

Are you up to the challenge?