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Strategic Planning Timeline

Fall 2008-Spring 2010

  • Draft strategic plan is developed in anticipation of presidential transition.
  • President Beck A. Taylor is appointed in April 2010 and is given a year by Whitworth's board of trustees to review and revise the plan.

September 2010

  • University Council is appointed and holds its first meeting.
  • Vision framing questions and sample vision statements are reviewed.
  • University Council members are formed into strategic goal committees to review and revise the draft plan initiatives in consultation with relevant individuals, committees and departments on campus.

October 2010

  • Core themes developed for the university's accreditation are reviewed and embraced as enduring core values that undergird the mission, vision and strategic plan.
  • Financial models are reviewed for various traditional undergraduate enrollment scenarios -- modest reduction, stabilizing, 2% growth and 5% growth.
  • Time horizon for the vision and plan is extended to 10 years -- the year 2021.
  • Planning process and timeline are presented to the board of trustees at fall meeting.
  • Analysis and recommended revisions for strategic goal 2 are presented to the University Council for review and feedback.

November 2010

  • Financial models of enrollment scenarios are presented to faculty assembly.
  • Analysis and recommended revisions for strategic goals 1, 3, 4 and 5 are presented to the University Council for review and feedback.
  • Draft vision statement and 2021 narrative are presented to University Council for review and feedback.

December 2010

  • Analysis and recommended revisions for strategic goals 6 and 7 are presented to the University Council for review and feedback.
  • Refined financial models for stabilizing enrollment and 2% growth scenarios and are presented to faculty assembly and to staff committees for review and feedback.
  • Strategic planning update is presented to student leadership and input is sought.
  • Initial draft is developed for core elements of the plan – core values, mission, vision statement, 2021 narrative, strategic goals and objectives.

January 2011

  • Financial modeling and enrollment analysis are presented to the finance and executive committees of the board in context of setting the 2011-12 tuition and fees schedule.
  • The draft of core elements of the plan is reviewed by University Council.
  • Strategic goal committees begin to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) for strategic goals and objectives, consulting with relevant units and departments
  • Work begins on developing management dashboards and other tools to track KPIs and overall progress of the plan

February 2011

  • A trustee strategic planning retreat is held in Seattle to review core elements in the draft plan and to provide input and directional approval.
  • University Council reviews and incorporates trustee input and approves a revised draft of the plan.
  • University Council reviews draft KPIs and provides feedback.
  • Preliminary fiscal year 2012 budget is set, including reallocation of existing resources and creation of a new fund to support strategic initiatives

March 2011

  • The Whitworth 2021 website is launched with a draft of the plan as well as other planning resources. All internal and external constituents are invited to review the vision and plan and to provide feedback via email or online survey.
  • Campus town hall meetings are held with students, staff and faculty to ask questions and provide input on the vision and plan.
  • University Council finalizes KPIs for strategic goals and objectives
  • Strategic goal committees begin developing cost estimates for strategic goals and objectives
  • Work begins on draft marketing and communications plan for strategic plan

April 2011

  • University Council reviews constituent input and prepares final draft of plan to present to the board of trustees.
  • Board of trustees reviews and acts on the strategic plan.
  • University Council reviews and provides feedback on strategic investments in the proposed 2011-12 budget.
  • University Council reviews cost estimates for strategic goals and objectives.

May 2011

  • University Council reviews marketing and communications plan for strategic plan and provides input.
  • University Council builds timeline for 2011-12 benchmarks.

June 2011

  • University divisions and departments are charged with developing plans and initiatives that align with the Whitworth 2021 vision and plan, with the understanding that significant institutional resources will be available to fund strategic initiatives.

July 2011

July 2012

  • 2011-12 President's Report (to be posted online in Oct. 2012)

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