Monica Calderon

Anticipated graduation year: 2012

Majors: Psychology; Communication; Theology

Hometowns: Austin, Texas; San Salvador, El Salvador; and Istanbul, Turkey

Whitworth activities/clubs: Global Servants for Christ and Psi Chi

Favorite book: The Bible, in as many languages as possible; I have a collection!

Favorite food: Salty over sweet.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Staying up when I'm tired but don't have to be functional the next day, and sleeping when I don't have to sleep but have the time. This happens about once every 20 or 30 years though.

Favorite off-campus study program experience: A summer in Turkey helping with a child development longitudinal study, because I found my own contacts at the school and went just for fun!

Favorite place or hang out on campus: A quiet place with green grass and a couple of extra hours to study something on my own sweet time, or just to sit and think.

I like my majors because... if I weren't majoring in them, I'd be looking up the equivalent material on Wikipedia for twice as long and getting a fifth of the prime stuff you get in class for all my studious Wikipedia research.

Why I chose to attend Whitworth: Because I am from a collectivistic culture and wanted to live with my family, who recently moved to Spokane, while going to school. If I'd have known anything about the school beforehand, I would have applied here twice as quickly.

Activities/clubs/events that students shouldn't miss: No student should miss the opportunity to get to know Whitworth's professors. Think of their years in the workforce, educational profession, or ministry as databanks of information for our thirsty brains as students. Imagine what we could learn from such a rich history, and we didn't even have to live it! Set up meetings with the professors you learn to admire, and get to know them as individuals who are overflowing with real-life wisdom.

How Whitworth is preparing me for graduate school or a career: Whitworth is preparing me for life by teaching me the value of asking for help, and of taking it gratefully when it is freely offered.