Mary Viducich

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2012

Major: Art, Graphic Design Track

Hometown: Hillsboro, Ore.

Whitworth activities/clubs: Artists’ Guild, International Justice Mission Club, Small Group Ministry, intramurals (Ultimate Frisbee), campus worship (Visual Arts Coordinator), Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society

Favorite music: Patrick Watson, James Vincent McMorrow, Jon Foreman…mellow + deep is pretty ideal. Also, the occasional dance party and/or Christmas music is always appreciated.

Favorite food: Sugar. Especially in the form of ice cream. (Ben + Jerry’s Half Baked = yummmm.)

We’d be surprised to know that… I graduated high school six months early to spend time with YWAM in Kolkata, India and Mae Sot, Thailand. Also, I have a scar on the top of my head from a surfing accident.

Favorite place or hang out on campus: The Back 40

Favorite residence hall and why: B. B. B. BJ! The relationships + laughter + adventure + spontaneity are a dream come true.

I like my major because… I am passionate about using artistic expression to bring about social justice, and feel like with every class I take, I am growing in my ability to make this passion a reality.

Why I chose to attend Whitworth: Whitworth has intentional, faith-based values without being legalistic. Also, it is close enough that I can go home to Oregon for milk and cookies, but far enough that my momma won’t come a’ringin. Plus, who doesn’t love a good two feet of snow? On a more serious note, Whitworth meets my academic, financial, and relational needs. And, they give a 3rd sibling discount. I wish.

Advice for incoming students: Take advantage of the crazy opportunities that Whitworth will offer you. Remember that college is about more than academics – it is about relationships too. Join an intramurals team, go on adventures downtown, find a good church/ small group, catch a virgin pinecone, get coffee with friends, run Bloomsday, play in the snow – open your ears and eyes, and soak up every minute. P.S. Try your darndest to never miss Sundae Sundays in SAGA (or you’ll be sorry)!

What I plan to do after graduation. Let’s be honest. It’s a tinsy up in the air. But potential avenues I might pursue include:

1. paying the bills via photography/ art/ design

2. fighting against human trafficking and other injustices in Portland and elsewhere

3. living and loving people in another country

4. surfing

5. ring by spring? Haha.