Krister Johnson

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2013

Major: Philosophy

Hometown: Seattle, Wash.

Whitworth activities/clubs: Ethics Bowl, Forensics Debate

Favorite movie: The Matrix

Favorite quote: "Know Thyself."

You'd be surprised to know that: I taught myself how to write computer code, created an iPhone application called Ideal Me, and published it on iTunes.

Favorite thing about Whitworth: Building lasting friendships with my professors by dining in their homes and racing them down the mountain on ski trips.

Best class: It's a tie between Logic and Ethics; the former taught me how to think while the latter taught me how to feel.

I like my major becauseā€¦ philosophy tests your worldview's coherence as you begin to question what you had long since taken for granted. It reveals how the acceptance of one seemingly inconsequential belief forces you to accept many other beliefs in order to avoid logical inconsistency. It exposes the full extent of what your worldview implies.

My best Whitworth moment or experience: Wandering the Loop attempting to catch falling pinecones on a very windy day after a frustratingly close miss. My neck hurt the next day.

Research/special projects: I had the privilege of joining a handful of peers and professors in an Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl competition in which Whitworth placed third in the nation. Each of our various viewpoints produced surprisingly differing takes on identical subject matter. We applied ethical theory and our own perspectives to moral dilemmas on both a personal and social/political scale, ranging from animal cruelty to immigration policy, from drug laws to beliefs on when life begins.

Activities/clubs/events that students shouldn't miss: The Forensics Debate program has returned to Whitworth. Beginning in fall 2011, students will have the opportunity to participate in both individual and group speaking competitions, honing rhetorical and argumentative skill. I was delighted to watch growing interest this past year that led to the creation of the program. I can hardly contain my excitement for its potential and the opportunity it presents to students. Take part, speak with more confidence, and represent Whitworth!

How Whitworth is preparing me for graduate school or a career: Whitworth fosters growth in every area of my life. Relationships with professors and students completely changed what it means to me to receive an education. Ultimately, Whitworth taught me how to be a better person. I enter the world as a more complete individual, not from memorizing texts or from mastering formulae, but from individual interaction and enrichment both inside the class and out. The prospect of an impersonal law school does not daunt me after the attention and validation Whitworth gave me. The career to follow will greatly benefit from the holistic foundation that Whitworth provides.