John Baxley

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2013

Majors: Marketing; Accounting

Hometown: Boulder, Colo.

Whitworth activities/clubs: SGCM Dean's Advisory Board member, moderator for incoming freshmen class Facebook groups 

Favorite book: Player of Games by Iain M. Banks

Favorite movie: Although I love a lot of movies, the one that stands out is The Princess Bride.  It just has everything a great movie needs

We'd be surprised to know that… I have been to Thailand and hiked supplies through the jungle into Burma for a refugee village

Favorite place or hang out on campus: Once the (often long) winters are over, everyone on campus flocks to the loop and grabs some sun. This is my favorite time to hang out or study outside because I get a great feeling of camaraderie with all the other people who suffered through the winter months with me.

Favorite residence hall: Anyone from Baldwin Jenkins knows that you just can't beat living in BJ.  It can get a bit wild at times but I loved every second I spent there.  I had an amazing hall and met many of my great friends by having many awesome (and random) interactions.

I like my major because… being in both Accounting and Marketing I can learn in both analytical and imaginative realms in commerce.  Doing both allows me to gain a broad spectrum of perspective within the world of business

Why I chose to attend Whitworth: I visited Whitworth expecting to see another run-of-the-mill private university with super smart and thereby awkward people. After staying overnight I fell in love with the strong community of super smart, and definitely not awkward students who even to this day challenge me to become a better person, student and part of the group

Advice for incoming students: I have two bits of advice which go hand in hand. First, keep your doors open! Whenever you are in your room, having an open door encourages random and chance encounters with other interesting people to happen. It is these encounters which will create friendships and the memories that make going to college the best time of your life. Second, get out of your room! Go out and look for new people to meet. You never know what could come of a new friendship or acquaintance

How Whitworth is preparing me for graduate school or a career:  Studying under the professors in the School of Global Commerce & Management has been the most rewarding part of my academic journey at Whitworth. They offer a huge wealth of real world experience which answers the question, "how is this useful in the real world?" My studies here are constantly creating ways for new knowledge to be applied for my upcoming career, giving me the best preparation any student could ask for – a realistic and honest taste of what the future holds.