Darby Moberg

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2012

Major: Kinesiology

Hometown: Spokane, Wash.

Whitworth activities/clubs: Women’s golf, intramural basketball, intramural volleyball

Favorite book: Wicked

Favorite food: Very Yellow Marshmallow Ice Cream with brownie from Maggie Moos

Favorite movie: V for Vendetta!

Favorite thing about Whitworth: I think that Whitworth has a gorgeous campus! All of the buildings have been built in a way where they complement each other. There are beautiful old brick buildings and new more updated style of brick buildings as well. From the Hello-Walk you can appreciate Whitworth’s pristinely up kept campus in the fall, winter, spring and summer. 

Best class: So far I have loved taking Anatomy and Physiology because it applies to every human being. Having a basic understanding of how the body works is valuable no matter what your major is.

Favorite thing about Spokane: I love the size of Spokane! It is a big enough city where there is always something fun going on like Bloomsday or Hoopfest, but small enough you would never have to worry about traffic or getting lost too bad.

Why I chose to attend Whitworth: I spent my first two years of college at Spokane Community College, and although I enjoyed my experience there, I definitely wanted something different. Whitworth was exactly the kind of school I was looking for. This university has built a fantastic reputation for itself and I wanted to be a part of that. When you tell someone you attend Whitworth it holds more value than other colleges because of the rigorous academic schedule and unique extracurricular activities. I’m sure that when I leave Whitworth next year with my undergraduate degree, it will help me pull ahead of other candidates in the job market.     

Advice for incoming students: Don’t let Core intimidate you! It may seem like a lot of work (which it is) and it may seem like it doesn’t apply to you, but the Core classes are there for a reason. I feel that although it is a struggle at the time, they are the classes that help you to be a well rounded and informed student.

What I plan to do after graduation: I hope to continue my education in Whitworth’s Master in Teaching Program where I will become certified as a secondary education teacher. My ultimate career goal is to become an athletic director at the high school level after serving several years educating students in the health and fitness department.