Chris Frick

Anticipated graduation year: 2012

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Yakima, Wash.

Whitworth activities/clubs: Intramural volleyball and Frisbee, Global Servants.

Favorite book: A River Runs Through It,by Norman Maclean

Favorite music: Thrice

We'd be surprised to know that... I have a twin brother.

Favorite thing about Whitworth: Professors. I transferred to Whitworth from UCLA, and it's safe to say I love both schools. Comparing my experience at UCLA to Whitworth, the greatest advantage Whitworth has is definitely the professors. I think one professor at UCLA knew my name, whereas at Whitworth, I've had coffee with professors, talked beyond class material for the sake of learning with them, been invited over for homemade pizza at a professor's house, and received direction in my major and in life in general. Professors have proven to be an invaluable part of my college experience.

Favorite place or hang out on campus: The Village (especially Akili), for obvious reasons.

Favorite thing about Spokane: Just one thing? I'll keep it short. I love my church, easy access to snowboarding, Whitworth (obviously), rivers nearby for fishing, and the beauty of Eastern Washington.

Research/special projects I'm involved in: I worked with Dr. Ojennus and another undergraduate student, last summer, researching little things called "R Bodies" (yes, they are as obscure as they sound). Our research may prove to be an important contribution to the study of protein folding. We also had an opportunity to present our research at WSU for the ACS NORM conference. Overall, the research was fascinating, fun, sometimes tiring and a great experience.

Advice for incoming students: Get involved in a local church in the area. How blessed we are to be made the people of God in Christ!

What I plan to do after graduation: That is a good question. I'm not entirely sure, but I'm thankful to know that I have a lot of opportunities being a student at Whitworth. I've thought about medicine or graduate school. We'll see...