Callie Bergstrom

Anticipated graduation year: 2012

Majors: Secondary Education; Spanish

Hometown: Spokane, Wash.

Whitworth activities/clubs that you're involved in: Women's Soccer, Young Life

Favorite movie: The Grinch

Favorite quote: Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness

Favorite guilty pleasure: Diet Dr. Pepper

Favorite thing about Whitworth: The people. The students and staff at Whitworth are welcoming and uplifting. Honestly, I feel as if I've grown as a student, a person, and a Christian at Whitworth because of the community of people at Whitworth. They're the kind of people that you can't help but love to be around.

Favorite professor: Margo Long. She is deliberate about creating a learning environment that is engaging and conducive to all learning styles. Her classes are so much fun and she's a professor who is dedicated to seeing students succeed. She's someone I look up to and a mentor who I look to for advice about school and about life.

Favorite residence hall: Warren! I love Warren Hall. It was my assigned dorm freshman year and everything about my experience was more than I could have asked for. I had an amazing roommate, an amazing RA, an amazing hall, and an amazing time. For being the biggest dorm on campus, I couldn't help but feel I knew everyone well and would always find myself in the main lounge nightly with the incredible leadership staff and residents.

Why I chose to attend Whitworth: I chose Whitworth because I couldn't think of a reason not to. I had an opportunity to play soccer and I'd heard great things about Whitworth from the community. I'm from Spokane and my only hesitation was being too close to home. It worked out incredibly. I love Whitworth, I love playing soccer here, and I love the person I'm becoming because of this decision.

Advice for incoming students: Smile. Relax. It's an awesome time of your life and an incredible opportunity to be at a school like Whitworth. Don't get bogged down with worrying about details or from drowning in paperwork. Exactly where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be, so enjoy it.

How Whitworth is preparing me for graduate school or a career: The education department is an incredible place to grow as a teacher and a person. They are deliberate with their feedback and about getting you into the classroom. The education department is very field- experience based and it is teaching me all about cutting-edge technology that is helping kids learn like never before. There is so much real world application that I'm getting to experience in the education department that I'm 100 percent more confident now about my future career than I was two years ago.