Caitlin Tuttle

Anticipated graduation year: 2012

Majors: English, Writing Track; Theatre

Hometown: Forks, Wash. (Insert vampire joke here)

Whitworth activities/clubs: Theatre productions, Script assistant non-fiction editor

Favorite movie: The Count of Monte Cristo is hands down the best movie in the world for many reasons.

1. Jim Caviezel and Henry Cavill are super hot.

2. Richard Harris is one of my favorite actors in the world.

3. There is a treasure map (along with mountains of treasure), sword fights and revenge.

4. According to me, it has a perfectly happy ending where everyone gets what they deserve.

Favorite quote: "The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars..." -- Jack Kerouac. My fabulous roommate gave this quote to me on a refrigerator magnet my freshman year and it has been my favorite ever since.

Favorite book: Picking one favorite book is an impossible task for me. But if I had to choose I absolutely love the Harry Potter series. I have been obsessed with them since elementary school and your first love is the sweetest so I must stay true to them and declare to the entire world (or the small portion of the world that will read this) that I am, and always will be, a diehard Harry Potter fan.

Favorite thing about Whitworth: Sally Dalton... and when the pine needles fall and make the lawns look like porcupines. I feel like it gives Whitworth an unparalleled depth.

Best class: Crime and Punishment, a Jan Term class that I took my freshman year. The class consisted of reading murder mysteries and then talking about them for three hours in class. While all my other friends were contemplating the mysteries of space flight I was curled up with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy L. Sayers. Also, Vic Bobb taught the class and the random tangents we got onto were amazing.

Favorite residence hall: Warren. I lived there when I was a freshman and it was the most amazing experience of my life. This is because I had the most amazing RA and the most amazing hall mates. We practically lived in the hallway; that was how close we all were.

Why I chose to attend Whitworth: There once was a girl who lived in a very small town. When senior year approached she only applied to two colleges, one in Missoula and one in Spokane. She chose to live in Spokane because of the trees and she lived happily ever after.

Advice for incoming students: Skipping class is a very, very slippery slope.

What I plan to do after graduation: I plan to audition for Missoula Children's Theatre as a touring actor/director. It is an organization that sends pairs of people around the country to put on a play in a week at elementary, middle and high schools. They came to my town when I was in school and I was in the production every year. I want to be able to give back what I was given when I was younger.