Alison Gonzalez

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2012

Majors: Community-Based Theatre; Peace Studies

Hometown: Vista, Calif.

Whitworth activities/clubs: Whitworth Theatre, Hope for Kenya Club, International Club, Latino Student Union, intramurals

Favorite book: Harry Potter 1-7

Favorite food: My dad’s Mexican food

We’d be surprised to know that… one of my favorite animals is an Okapi

Favorite off-campus study program experience: Studying abroad in Brussels, Belgium for my peace studies major. I loved being immersed in another culture, traveling around Europe, meeting new people, and learning more about myself.

Favorite professor: One of my favorite professors at Whitworth is Jenny Holsinger. Her passion for her students and what she teaches is truly inspirational. Every time I have taken a class with her, I am not only left with a deeper understanding of the world I live in, but a continued curiosity on the subject studied. Her interactive teaching style embodies Whitworth’s mission of an education of a mind and heart where students are challenged both inside and outside of the classroom.

Favorite residence hall: That would have to be a three way tie between Warren, BJ and East. I traditiated in Warren, so this dorm will always hold a place in my heart, but the following two years I was on student leadership in BJ and East and loved every minute in both of these dorms as well. Each dorm has such a welcoming and supportive community that it’s hard not to call each one of these places home.

Why I chose to attend Whitworth: When I visited Whitworth I stayed with a current student. As I walked around campus and met the students I could feel the sense of community that I have grown to cherish as a Whitworth student. I sat in a political science class and met with a theatre professor. The professors seemed approachable and to care about their students and what they were teaching. It helped that I saw Whitworth on a beautiful spring day full of students playing Frisbee and studying in the grassy loop. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this thriving university?
Advice for incoming students: Enjoy every moment because you’ll be surprised on how fast four years go by. Get involved in the things you love and care about. Connect and learn from your peers, professors, and staff because there is so much to learn outside of the classroom.

What I plan to do after graduation: I plan to go abroad and work for a nonprofit organization dedicated to peace and restorative justice for a few years. And then possibly go to grad school or continue working in a similar line of work. I would love to use community-based theatre to build bridges between cultures, empower individuals, and to restore communities.