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Whitworth University Health & Safety

Whitworth University recognizes the health and safety of the campus community as our highest priority. In addition to ensuring the basic safety of the Whitworth community through 24-hour security operations and emergency response preparation, the university provides access to a wide range of health and counseling services on and off campus.  

Further, Whitworth is committed to caring for the whole person through educational development, personal and relational growth and spiritual enrichment. We seek for campus behavior to be guided not solely by adherence to civil and criminal law but by principles of personal conduct and life in community that are presented in scripture. The individual is valued within the context of community and as a member of that community. As such, it is a basic premise that no one’s behavior should violate another person; nor should it compromise the community’s basic needs for security, safety, and peace of mind.

To that end, we encourage students, staff and faculty to take advantage of the various resources and services outlined on this site as we seek together to honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Campus Security:

To Report a Fire:

Medical Emergency:

Washington State
Poison Center:

County Sheriff:

Washington State Patrol:

Crisis Hotline:

Campus Health & Counseling Center: