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Cost 2014


Full Registration $200 per adult
Couple Rate $350 ($200 for first spouse; $150 for second)
Individual Events $25 each; no charge for Evening Worship

Children’s Program Registration

First child $200
Second child $150
Each additional child $100



Monday-Thursday Nights

Private rooms in East Hall will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please specify in the comments box on the registration form if you are interested in a private room.

Per adult $168
Per child 0-12 $55


Monday Dinner-Friday Lunch

The meal plan must be purchased if you are lodging on campus.

Adults (13+) $132
Children (6-12) $66
Children (0-5) $0

Daily and Individual Meals may be purchased on site.
Meal Daily Rate: $33/day ($16.75 children 6-12)

Individual Meals (Adults/Children 6-12)
Breakfast $9/4.50
Lunch (Monday) $11/5.50
Dinner (Friday) $13/6.75

Questions? Please contact WIM at wim@whitworth.edu or 509.777.3275.