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  • Patricia Bruininks  “Hope and Creation Care:  Similarities and Differences Across Five Major Religions”
  • Nate King  “The Excellent Mind:  Intellectual Virtues for Everyday People”
  • Will Kynes  “Reading Proverbs Intertextually”
  • Mark Killian  “Networked Ecology: Understanding the Vitality of Congregations in the EEKB Church Union of Estonia”
  • Mark Baird  “Good from Evil? Exploring differing world-views in the classroom”
  • Charles Andrews  “Christian Pacifism and Literary Witness: Vera Brittain’s Born 1925


  • Karin Heller: “Theological Christian Talk about Sex and Gender: Limits and Hopes”
  • Thom Caraway: “Language of God: the poetics of witness”
  • Jason Wollschleger: “Examining the Institutional Features Influencing Sexual Harassment and Assault at Colleges and Universities,” co-authored by Kolby Cameron
  • Elizabeth Abbey/Stacy George: “Our Bodies Are Temples: Health Programming in Christian Church Communities”
  • Nicole Sheets: “Normal Healthy Lady: Essays on Anxiety”
  • Joshue Orozco: “Forgiveness and Loving our Enemies”


  • Jonathan Moo: "Climate Change and the Apocalyptic Imagination"
  • Vange Ocasio: "Capitalism, Christianity and Economic Development: A comparative Review of Latin America."
  • Scott Miller: "Voice and Vocation."
  • LuElla D'Amico: "Saving America's Children: The Protestant-Catholic School Debate in Nineteenth-Century Girls' Books"


  • Karin Heller: "Pope Francis' Extraordinary Synod on Marriage and the Family between Hopes and Challenges"
  • Will Kynes: "The Wisdom Category: Ancient Tradition or Modern Invention?"
  • Erica Salkin/Mike Ingram: "Who told you that? Media priming and the narrative of the unchurched Northwest"
  • Mark Killian: "Everything In Common: Vitality in two Christian Intentional Communities"


  • Keith Beebe: "George Whitefield in Scotland: Of Friends, Foes, and the Evangelical Divide"
    Born Again at Cambuslang: The Scottish Evangelical Awakening of 1742.
  • Jonathan Moo: "A Biblical Theology of Creation Care"
  • Adam Neder: "The Sun Behind the Clouds: Some Thoughts about Teaching Christian Theology"


  • Megan Hershey: "The Role of the Christian Faith in African Civil Society"
  • Mike Ingram: Short book that combines current small-group-communication research findings with best practices to aid PSCs in their important work
  • Richard Strauch: "Presbyterians, Passion Plays, and Parsifal: American Christian Reception of Wagner's Final Music Drama"
  • Jason Wollschleger: "Divergent: Exploring Emerging Christianity"


  • Keith Beebe: "Experimental Religion in Scotland's Age of Reason"
  • Nancy Bunker: "The Rev. May C. Jones"
  • Jeremy Wynne: "God's Patience"
  • Casey Andrews: "Modernism's National Scriptures: Nationalism, Religion, and the Modernist Novel"


  • Anthony Clark: "The Christian Martyrs of Shanxi: Recent Discoveries of Stone Monuments from the Boxer Uprising"
  • Karin Heller: "Catholic and Protestant Feminist Theologies in Dialogue"
  • Corliss Slack: "British Crusade Sites"
  • Adam Neder: "The Ontology of Human Virtue"
  • Alan Mikkelson: "Understanding How Communication Goals and Specific Communication Practices are Related to Self-Disclosure in Conversations about Religion"
  • Craig Hinnenkamp: "Reframing Business Ethics Pedagogy Utilizing an 'Other-Centered' Capitalistic Worldview"


  • Julia Stronks: "So You Want to be a Christian Lawyer?"
  • Keith Beebe:Conference paper (Third Annual Baylor Symposium on Faith & Culture, October 8-10, 2009): "Converted at Cambuslang: Experimental Religion in Scotland's Age of Reason," Journal article (expanded version of the Baylor paper): "Converted at Cambuslang: Experimental Religion in Scotland's Age of Reason. Forthcoming book (for Scottish History Society): The McCulloch 'Examinations' of the Cambuslang Revival (1742): A Critical Edition
  • Frank Caccavo: "The Effect of Diet on the Composition of Fecal Bacteria in an Alaskan Husky Sled Dog"
  • Laurie Lamon: "'What is the Correct Way to Stand at a Memorial Ceremony?' A Study of Contemporary Arab and Israeli Poetry, in Conjunction with Poetry Writing"


  • Patricia Bruininks: "The Temporal Nature of Hope"
  • Gordon Jackson: "Censorship: The Stone in the Shoe of a Democratic Society"
  • Dinorah Scott:
  • Noel Wescombe: "Reproductive Success: Evolutionary Psychology and Biblical Theology"


  • Nadine Chapman: "The Poet's Vision: Linguistic Imagination, Ethics, and Servant-leadership Theory"
  • Alan C. Mikkelson: "Discussing Religion: Understanding Communicative Practices Associated with Positive and Negative Interactions"
  • DJames B. Hunt: "John Muir's 1,000-Mile Walk through the South in 1867"
  • Laurie J. Lamon: "Broken Geography: A Struggle Between Two Memories: A Study of Contemporary Palestinian and Israeli Poetry, in Conjunction with Poetry Writing."


  • Gordon Wilson: "Survivors"
  • Karla Morgan: "Trust, Testosterone, and Christian Commitment"
  • Finn Pond
  • Angeles Aller


  • Susan Mabry: "Divine through Eyes of Applied Science"
  • Jim McPherson: "Unholy Trinity: The News Media, the Religious Right and the Conservative Movement"
  • Ron Pyle: "Communication and the Ministry of Relationships"
  • Melissa Sprenkle


  • Laurie Lamon: "Poetry Writing, and the Study of Poetry of Witness and Faith"
  • Karin Heller: "Luther's Doctrine on Marriage in an Ecumenical Perspective"
  • Gerald Sittser: "Reading Spiritual Biographies as Written Icons"
  • Richard Strauch: "Christianity, Wagnerism, and a Reception History of Parsifal"


  • Bendi Benson Schrambach: "Baudelaire, Moralist"
  • Michael Tidwell: "When the Volunteer Won't Volunteer: A Social Identity Model of Volunteerism and Tithing within
    Protestant Congregations"
  • Julia Stronks: "Murdock Lives of Commitment Grant"


  • James Edwards: "Is Jesus the Only Savior?"
  • Scott Kolbo and Mr. Gordon Wilson: "Shared Space: Culture, Alienation and Marginality"
  • John Yoder: "Palestinian Political Leadership During the Pre-Monarchic Period"
  • Noelle Wiersma: "Metaphors for College Student Development"
  • Pamela Corpron Parker: "Literary Tourism and the Woman Writer"
  • Kirk Westre: "Servant Leadership in Sport"


  • Jack Burns: "Chaos Theory and Leadership"
  • Dr. David Holt: "The Veil Revisited: What Relative Intermarriage Rates May Tell Us About the Causes and Status of Black-White Relations"
  • Dr. Gerald Sittser: "Spiritual Roots"


  • Laurie Lamon: "The Poetry of Witness"
  • Susan Mabry: "Finding Guidance for Ethics and Moral Responsibilities in Computing Technologies from a Christian Perspective"
  • Adrian Teo: "Understanding Human Nature: Contributions from Christian Theology and Empirical Psychology"
  • Keith Wyma: "Comparison of Models of Weak-Willed Action"
  • Pamela Corpron Parker: "Spiritual Enlightenment: The Rhetoric of Religion in the Works of British Women Writers"


  • Don Liebert: "The Corinthian Correspondence"
  • Arlin Migliazzo: "A Social History of Purrysburgh, South Carolina, 1732-1792"
  • Ronald Pyle: "Preaching and the Stewardship of Rhetoric"
  • Katheen Storm: "Assumptions in Student Development: Pragmatism and other Premises"