Weyerhaeuser Center
Northwest Protestant Studies: Current Research


The institute is currently working on several projects related to religious experience in the Pacific Northwest.

The Weyerhaeuser Center collaborates with local churches to collect historical records, oral histories and archival material to be housed in the Whitworth Archives. The collection of these materials helps churches and other religious organizations gain information for historical research and church anniversaries, and provides a central location for important church documents.

  • 2007 Intern
    Amy Whisenand           Greek translation work             (Faculty advisor: Forrest Baird)

  • 2006 Interns
    Jasmine Wilson
    Jocelyn Wilson

  • 2005 Interns
    Kyna Herzinger
    Marcy Justine

  • 2004 Interns
    Paul Anderson
    Meghan Callaghan
    Rachel Frazier
    Carly Kwak
    Laura Waite
    Drew Strait

  • 2003 Interns
    Carmen Engstrom: Spokane Friends Church
    Sara Harris: First Church of the Nazarene
    Josh Mikelson: Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church
    Rachel Frazier: Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church
    Ryosuke Suzuki: Highland Park United Methodist Church
    Justin Tkach: Research Assistant for Presbyterianism in the Pacific Northwest

  • 2002 Interns
    James Fischl: Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
    Johnnie Beans: Calvary Baptist Church
    Julie Weatherred: First Presbyterian Church
    Joel Soden : Salem Lutheran Church

Contact Dale Soden, Ph.D., or Janet Hauck for more information.

  • In July 2002, the institute began a year-long oral history research project, From Coast and Camp to the Inland Empire: Japanese-American Relocation and Evacuation to Eastern Washington during World War II. Sponsored by the Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program, this project documents the individual lives of Japanese Americans who were affected by forced evacuation and internment during World War II, yet did not move into internment camps for a significant amount of time, if any. This audio documentary compiles oral history interviews, narration and music to chronicle the journeys of Japanese Americans from the West Coast to Eastern Washington. For more information contact Dale Soden, Ph.D. , or Janet Hauck.

  • An ongoing oral history project is working to document the religious experience of African Americans in the Spokane area. Several oral-history interviews have been done, with more needed to create a better picture of what it means to be African American in the Spokane area. Contact Janet Hauck for more information.

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