Community Engagement
Initiatives: Undergraduate Minor in Community Engagement

Whitworth StudentsInterdisciplinary Minor
Community Engagement and Transformation

The Community Engagement and Transformation minor will develop students' perspectives on poverty, community development, service and engagement models.  Students will explore what it means to be a Christian in a world full of poverty and suffering, and they will take courses encouraging them to care for and be involved in our communities.  Through this blend of education and experience, students will be called on to consider how they can honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity in America's cities.

The minor will equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values required to be effective contributors to and citizens of America's cities.  The program is committed to the belief that sustainable community development and outreach must be holistic in nature taking into account both the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and communities.

Whitworth Educational Goals
Faith and Values:  Students will explore and evaluate issues of
  • Christian perspectives on justice and civil society
  • A sustainable Christian understanding of service
  • Spiritual gift and resource stewardship
  • Personal decision-making and vocational plans
  • The connection between beliefs and actions

Knowledge:  Students will learn
  • The history and challenges of the American city
  • The complexity of the problems of poverty
  • The roles of economics, politics, race and religion in poverty
  • The importance of a strong community structure
  • The historic role of the church in the city
  • Historic and contemporary models for community engagement
  • How to evaluate a program's vision, efficacy, and sustainability

Minor in Community Engagement and Transformation 18 Credits
RE 237 Shalom: Christian Perspectives on the Poor 3 Credits BL
At Least One of the Following


PO 275 Cities and States (name change pending:
Poverty and Community Development)   
3 Credits SS or AD
PSY 275 Psychology of Poverty      3 Credits
SOC 365 Cities and Urban Life
3 Credits
and Approved engagement electives 12 Credits

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