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About the Center: Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


The Whitworth Office of Community Engagement is charged with helping coordinate and provide resources for existing activities in the Spokane area in which Whitworth faculty, staff, and students are engaged. The mission is to provide a clearing house for communicating, both internally and externally, information regarding Whitworth's community-engagement activities. The office is also charged with generating new ideas as well as with seeking additional funding for such efforts.


The Whitworth Office of Community Engagement aspires to be known on ad off campus as an effective tool for promoting linkage between Whitworth faculty and staff and the Spokane community.

Key Result Areas:

  • Communications: Goal is to improve both internal and external communication of current activities and initiatives by Whitworth faculty and staff in the Spokane area

    Action Steps:

1) Set up website.
2) Communicate to President Robinson through Of Mind & Heart.
3) Communicate regularly with Dean Michael LeRoy.
4) Communicate regularly with Communications Director Greg Orwig.

  • Provide resources for existing areas: Goal is to improve the ways in which the School of Business, School of Education, Center for Service Learning, and Weyerhaeuser Center for Christian Faith and Learning are provided with resources and encouraged in their respective efforts to achieve community engagement

    Action Steps:

    1) Meet on a monthly basis for purpose of clarifying goals.
    2) Pursue grant funding in specific areas related to community engagement.

  • Development of New Partners: Goal is to seek new partners in the community to work more collaboratively in pursuit of mutual ends

    Action Steps:

    1) Establish Whitworth's existing partners.
    2) Identify two to three new partners per year to pursue.

  • Enhancing Connection to Academics: Goal is to develop a stronger connection to academic departments and the office of academic affairs in order to ensure quality

    Action Steps:

    1) Promote the minor in community engagement.
    2) Examine faculty reward system and develop a strategy for linking faculty involvement with community with faculty rewards.
    3) Look for ways to promote scholarship around community engagement.

  • Leveraging Resources: Goal is to seek additional funding through outsides source

    Action Steps:

    1) Work with institutional advancement office to identify potential sources of funding
    2) Work with grants office to identify potential sources of funding.

  • Development of a philosophy: Goal is to explore implications of college-wide philosophy of community development and community engagement

    Action step:

    1) Use the advisory group to continue to explore the differences between community development and community engagement.

  • Lilly and Murdock Grants

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