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Certificate Programs: Certificate in Ministry Engagement (2014-15)

Certificate in Ministry Engagement

The certificate program provides the opportunity to grow spiritually and to develop skills in the application of the gospel for a variety of ministry contexts. The program is delivered locally, on the Whitworth campus, in 10 full-day modules, once a month on Saturday, September-May. The program may also be taken in a modular cohort format online, covering one topic per month. Theological subjects include the Big Story in the Old and New Testaments, foundations of Christian history and theology, and Christian spiritual practice. Skills will be developed in the scriptural application for contemporary ministry, the challenges of contemporary culture for evangelism and discipleship, and supporting people in times of suffering and grief through prayer.

Program Format

This non-degree program is open to all who are currently serving or exploring the possibility of serving in a church or Christian organization.  The program includes:

  • participation in classes that meet once a month from September to May.  The classes meet the first Saturday of each month (except where noted), 9a.m.-3 p.m;
  • reading assignments, reflection papers, classroom discussion
  • participation in a small community cohort;
  • completion of a ministry project that relates to the coursework.

Program Dates and Topics

Session 1:
Sept. 6, 2014

The Bible: What It Is, How We Got It, and How To Study It

Instructors: Bruce Gore, J.D., Adjunct Faculty, Theology, Whitworth University and Steve Simon,

Session 2:
Oct. 4, 2014
Biblical Guidance for Spiritual Practices

Instructor: Terry McGonigal, Ph.D., Director, Office of Church Engagement, Whitworth University

Session 3:
Nov. 1, 2014
A Biblical Foundation for Kingdom Ministry

Instructor: Keith Beebe, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. of Theology, Whitworth University

Session 4:
Dec. 6, 2014
A Brief History of the Christianity: How it has adapted to culture and yet remained the same

Instructor: Jerry Sittser, Ph.D., Professor, Theology, Whitworth University


Session 5:
Jan. 10, 2015

Beliefs: What Christians Believe and Why

Instructor: Karen Petersen Finch, Assistant Professor, Theology, Whitworth University


Session 6:
Feb. 7, 2015

Becoming Missional Pioneers

Instructor: Rob Fairbanks,

Session 7:
March 7, 2015
Facilitating Small Groups

Instructor: Ron Pyle, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Studies, Whitworth University

Session 8:
April 11, 2015
In Not Of: How The Church Responds to a Changing Culture

Instructor: Kent McDonald, D.Min. Regional Trainer Young Life/Whitworth University Lecturer of Practical Theology

Session 9:
May 2, 2015
Pastoral Care and Ministry

Instructor: Suzette McGonigal, MEd., Certified Counselor, Whitworth University                          

Session 10:
May 30, 2015
Praying through Life/Completion of Program

Instructors:Terry McGonigal, Ph.D., Director, Office of Church Engagement, Whitworth University and Jerry Sittser, Ph.D., Professor, Theology, Whitworth University



  • First –time Attenders:

    • Full Program - $800 ($750 if paid in full by Aug. 29).  Fee includes $150 non-refundable deposit and lunches.  Books are extra.
    • Individual Sessions - $125 per session (includes lunch; books are extra).

  • Certificate in Lay Ministry Alums:

    • Full Program - $600 ($550 if paid in full by Aug. 29). Fee includes $150 non-refundable deposit and lunches.  Books are extra.
    • Individual Sessions - $100 per session (includes lunch; books are extra)

Payment Plans:

  • Full program attendees – Half of total fee is due by the first day of class.  The remaining half is due in January. Finance charges apply.
  • Individual Sessions – Full payment is due two weeks prior to class date.    

Cancellation Policy:

  • Three weeks prior to first class: 100 percent refund (excluding deposit).  Less than three weeks prior to first class: loss of half of full fee, which includes the deposit.


The Office of Church Engagement/The Ekklesia Project

The Office of Church Engagement (OCE) partners with churches and ministry organizations for effective ministry in the context of enormous cultural change. The Ekklesia Project is one component of the OCE, functioning as a resource center for envisioning new forms of ministry, strategic planning and programming for the church partners. The OCE serves as a bridge, connecting churches and ministries with appropriate Whitworth staff, faculty and students to address the changing needs of congregations. The OCE provides opportunities to grow in Christian spirituality, to serve in and through local congregations, to equip elders for lay leadership, and to encourage authentic Christian witness. With the support of the Lilly Endowment, the OCE seeks to address changing religious cultures through partnership and programs designed to meet the needs of church leaders in the face of the cultural change happening in our churches. For further information, visit www.whitworth.edu/oce.


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