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Craig and Jane Deitz, both '83
Julie (Karber) Dresback, '06
What she's passionate about: I'm passionate about the field of communication, social network theories, higher education and education in developing countries.

Favorite Whitworth things: Professors that care and graciously share their time with students, a genuine faith-based community, a commitment to deeper inquiry and educational growth.

What she supports: I give to the Whitworth Annual Fund.For me, giving to Whitworth is a way of expressing my gratitude for my experience and those who invested in me. I believe in the mind-and-heart mission of Whitworth and will continue supporting current students so that they can afford the same quality education.

What makes her a Whitworthian for Life: Whitworth was one of the best things that ever happened to me -- I grew in ways I didn't know were possible, made life-long friendships, and found a field of study that I love (as well as my wonderful husband!) What will keep me connected to Whitworth are my memories, experiences, and the prayer that someday my children will also be able to attend such a quality institution. I will also be a Whitworthian for life through giving and supporting current Whitworth students through their college journey.
Chrystal, '91, and Kurt, '90, Helmcke
Chrystal's Favorite Whitworth things: Friendships for life; the first snow; Didier's; theatre and choir tours; late night study breaks in the old HUB; being stretched -- academically, spiritually, personally -- while also being affirmed and encouraged.
What she supports: The Whitworth Fund and unique Whitworth scholarships.
What makes her a Whitworthian for Life: Staying connected with close friends and professors of "our time" as well as current students, faculty and staff. Visiting campus for Homecoming or WIM or other events also delights the buccaneer in me. Having opportunities to see God's work through Whitworth around the world.

Kurt's Favorite Whitworth things: Late-night dorm life, tennis ball golf, and professors who possess deep personal faith as well as great knowledge.
What he supports: In addition to the Whitworth Fund, I enjoy giving to endowed scholarships honoring people who have made an impact on my life.
What makes him a Whitworthian for Life: Attending events to connect with fellow alumni and meet the new face of Whitworth's leadership. Continuing to read stories of students who experience a life-changing transformation of mind and heart.

Blake T. Wallick, '06
What he loves: Leadership, running, improv.

Favorite Whitworth things: Dorm and campus life: getting to know professors, Late Night in Saga. Off-campus Jan Term classes, like the Urban Life Center in Chicago, Christian Spirituality at Tall Timber, Christianity and the Arts in Italy.

What he supports: Scholarship programs that allow students from all backgrounds to experience what Whitworth has to offer.

What makes him a Whitworthian for Life: It was the tight-knit community that drew me to Whitworth in the first place, and it is that same sense of community that keeps me coming back. The relationships that I made there continue to be some of the most significant ones I have, especially with my wife Cheryl, whom I met in Baldwin-Jenkins.
Dave Sarju
Father of a current student
What he loves: Helping people share their gifts in work and community.

Favorite thing about Whitworth: The organization's concern for individuals' emotional and academic needs, and ability to meet those needs in a matter of fact manner.

What he supports: As parents of four kids in higher ed next year, my wife and I support the future. We'd love for more African Americans to have access to the Whitworth experience.

What keeps him connected: Whitworth's integrity.
Mike & Brenda Williams
Parents of Cameron, '13, and Henry, '11, and members of the Parents' Council
What they love: Both boys have played varsity tennis and we are ardent fans, following the team to away matches as well as at home in the bubble. We've hosted the team (and fans) for dinner between matches at our home in Olympia. We love to be around Whitworth students!

Favorite things at Whitworth: As Parents' Council members, we get to help freshmen and their families move into their dorms in September and host "summer send-off" events at our home. It's a thrill to be present at such an exciting time in their lives.

Areas they support: The Whitworth Fund, the tennis program and student life.

What makes them Whitworthians for Life: We'll probably still be checking tennis scores for years to come. Let's Go Bucs!
Cheryl (Stringer) Wallick, '06
What she loves: Public radio, good books, traveling, yoga.

Favorite Whitworth things: English classes with Laurie Lamon, Late Night in the dining hall, swim meets, living in Baldwin-Jenkins -- both as a freshman and later as R.A., and meeting so many terrific people.

What she supports: Lied Center for the Visual Arts, Robinson Science Hall.

What makes her a Whitworthian for life: Whitworth feels like a home away from home. I can honestly say that my years there were life-changing, and that's why I find it such a joy to attend alumni gatherings and to support the university in as many ways as I can.
Jerry Paschall
Retired Whitworth employee
I am a Whitworthian for Life, not as a Whitworth alumnus, but as a former staff member and father of a former student. Most people on campus knew me as the delivery guy before I retired in 2011. During my 21 years at Whitworth, I witnessed the transformation of the physical plant of the campus - from new buildings like Weyerhaeuser and Robinson Science Hall, to new residence halls, to facelifts for existing facilities. I helped new faculty move into their offices and saw Whitworth's reputation grow. But one thing that never changed in all that time was Whitworth's commitment to students. I made it my personal mission to give back and encourage my fellow staff to join me to help make Whitworth a little more affordable for students. These days, I still like to come back to campus to check in on things. And I know that my contributions are still making a difference.
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