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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Student Concern Form?
This is a proactive way to contribute to an informed and safe community. Submitting a Student Concern Form shows that you care about the campus and about others. Student Concern Form submissions help students, staff, and faculty be successful through early intervention; they also direct potential threats to the Whitworth Executive Safety Committee.

Who can submit a Student Concern Form?
Students, staff and faculty.

What qualifies as a student concern?
If someone needs support beyond what you can offer.

What if the situation is an emergency?
In any emergency, even on campus, 911 should be your first call. Non-emergency campus security matters should be reported to the Whitworth Security Office, at 509.777.4444.

How can I help?
Submitting a concern form will help the campus and the involved individual(s) so that resources can be accessed and enacted. Remember, Pirates keep an eye out for each other.

Will I be contacted?
Upon submitting a Student Concern Form, you can choose the level of contact and follow-up with which you're comfortable. You can choose to be involved directly with the person or to report the situation anonymously.

Submit a Student Concern Form