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Interventions for Students with Academic Difficulties  
Is a student struggling in your class?

  • Offer to meet with the student to discuss strategies.
  • If the student does not meet with you, recommend that s/he meets with his/her academic advisor. 
  • Suggest to the student that s/he access campus academic support: Composition Commons (the writing center), the math lab, science supplemental instruction, world languages tutoring, or Core 150/250 tutoring. See information under Tutoring and Academic Support.

Is your advisee struggling in classes? 
Refer to information above as well as the following:

  • Encourage the student to contact the course instructor for assistance, and, if a T.A. is assisting in the course, to work with the TA.
  • Recommend that the student attend study sessions, if offered, or meet with peers to study.

Your student is still struggling. Now what?
Submit an Early Alert System form to academic affairs and student life to report students who are missing class and/or not completing assignments. You can find the form on the Whitworth website: Click on “Faculty and Staff” near the bottom of the home page; on the right side of the screen you will see a box titled “Early Alert”; this will take you to the form.   

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Early Alert System, please contact Debbie Ide at or Randall Michaelis at
If the student has a documented learning disability, suggest that s/he contact Andrew Pyrc, x4534, in educational services, on the second floor of the HUB. Information is available on the Whitworth website: Click on the “About” tab near the top of the page, then the “Student Life” heading. A red “Educational Support Services” tab appears on the left side of the screen.

Recommend the student to the Student Success Team for Success Coaching. This is general educational support with peer coaches who are trained to review essential skills such as time management, goal setting, study skills, testing strategies, etc. Students interested in success coaching with a peer should email

Academic Resources & Tutoring
The sciences: Supplemental instruction is available for many introductory science courses. SI is a peer-facilitated study session for which hours and locations will be announced at the beginning of each semester and listed on the Student Success Team website at under “Resources.”

Math: The math department offers a tutoring lab in which the tutors are math majors equipped to answer homework questions from lower-division courses (i.e. MA 107, MA 108, MA 150, MA 171, MA 172, MA 256 and MA 273). The hours and location for this lab will be announced at the beginning of each semester as well as listed on the Student Success Team website under the “Academic Resources” tab on the left side of the page.

Core 150 and 250: Core T.A.s will be available to answer questions and help students study for Core exams. Tutors are available two nights per week; hours and locations will be announced at the beginning of each semester as well as listed on the Student Success Team website under the “Academic Resources” tab on the left side of the page.

Composition Commons (writing center): This is a place for all Whitworth students to work individually with a student consultant on any step of the writing process. Student consultants represent many departments. Students who are seeking help should make an appointment at Students who are unable to make an appointment in advance may stop by during open hours.

French and Spanish Tutoring: Tutoring is generally offered at the Whitworth Library twice each week in French and three times each week in Spanish. Tutoring is offered for conversation practice as well as for grammar review and essay editing. Times and topics are announced at the beginning of each semester and are listed on the Student Success Team website at under the “Academic Resources” tab on the left side of the page.
Student Success Team Website

If you notice a student who is struggling academically, socially, emotionally, financially, or due to health/counseling concerns, please refer the student to the appropriate support office listed below::

Interventions for Students with Health or Emotional Issues

In a medical emergency, call 911.

In a non-emergency situation, contact the Whitworth Health & Counseling Center, located in Schumacher Hall.

If the student is reluctant to schedule a counseling appointment, offer to call the counseling center and assist in making the appointment. Students receive six free counseling appointments per year. Call 509.777.3259 for a medical appointment; call 509.777.4450 for a counseling appointment.

In any emergency, even on campus, 911 should be your first call. On campus non-emergency security matters should be reported to the Whitworth Security Office at 509.777.4444.

If you're calling from a campus landline, dial just the last four digits of the telephone numbers listed below.

Health & Counseling Center


Medical Appointments


Counseling Appointments


Monica Whitlock, Director, Counseling Services


Edelweiss Whitson, Director, Health Center



Interventions for Students with Financial Difficulties

Encourage your advisee to make an appointment with his/her financial aid counselor, located in McEachran Hall. Counselors are assigned by the first letter of the student’s last name:


Sarah Gill, 509.777.4306 


David Barnes, 509.777.4309


Nancy Morlock, 509.777.4378


Lori Johnson, 509.777.4234


Traci Stensland, 509.777.4335   


John Breneman, 509.777.4836

For general information, please contact financial aid at or 509.777.3215. 

Number of Credits Completed 
A student is required to finish at least 67 percent of the total credits s/he attempts throughout his/her Whitworth transcript, with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 and a term GPA of 1.0-plus.

From Full-time to Part-time Status 
If a student who is receiving financial aid goes from full-time (12-17 credits) to less than full-time enrollment after the first week of classes, s/he must contact the financial aid office to discuss the impact of this change. If you have additional questions, please contact Sarah Gill at or x4306.

For additional questions, please contact Sarah Gill, 509.777.4306.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Academic Affairs: 509.777.3203

Randall Michaelis, Associate Provost for Instruction, Transfer Seminar


Benjamin Brody, Director, First-Year Programs



Chaplain Services: 509.777.4345

Forrest Buckner, Dean of Spiritual Life


Mindy Smith, Campus Pastor, Small-Group Ministry Coordinator



Early Alert System


Randall Michaelis, Associate Provost of Instruction


Landon Crecelius, Director of Student Success


Rebecca Blackburn, Assistant Director of Student Success


Debbie Ide, Student Success Specialist



Educational Services/Student Support

Andrew Pyrc, Assistant Director, Career Services, Educational Support Services



Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Beverly Kleeman, Registrar





Alan Jacob, Associate Director, Student Housing



Intercultural Center/International Center

David Garcia, Assistant Dean for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Shawn Washington, Director for Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Lulu Gonzalez, Assistant Director for International Student Programs


Marie Whalen, Assistant Director for International Admissions and Recruitment



Registrar: 509.777.3715


Beverly Kleeman, Registrar


Lorrie Workman (Last names A-K)


Kerry Templeton (Last names L-Z)


Mike Ediger, Health Sciences, Nursing Advisor

Julia Stronks, Pre-Law Advisor
Mike Sardinia, Pre-Med Advisor




Security: 509.777.4444



Student Accounts: 509.777.3208


Darla Freeborn, Manager, Student Accounting Services


Kathy Goligoski, Account Specialist (Last names A-G)


Carol Volkmuth, Account Specialist (Last names H-N)


Amber Rogan, Account Specialist (Last names O-Z)



Student Life: 509.777.3271


Rhosetta Rhodes, Interim Vice President & Dean of Students


Tim Caldwell, Director of Residence Life


Craig Chatriand, Associate Dean  of Community Standards and Compliance


Additional Resources

Does your student need an advisor or need to change his or her advisor?
A student can request or change an advisor by picking up a Change of Advisor(s) form from the registrar’s office or by printing the form from this link
and returning to the registrar’s office.

I have a student who does not know what to major in or a student who should be in a different major.
Have your student take the Sigi3 Interest Inventory Assessment, offered by career services to help students determine majors that fit their interests. This survey may be accessed on the Whitworth website: Search “Career Services” in the ””A-Z Index” found at the bottom of the home page, then click on the red “Student” tab on the left side of the screen, and go to the “Explore Majors/Careers” link in the middle of the page. The Sigi3 link is the third link from the top. If you have questions, please contact career services at x3272.

Recommend that your student take GE 148, Planning: Major and Career, to help her or him discover personal strengths and interests. This course typically takes place in the spring.

Career Services - 509.777.3272


Gordon Jacobson, Director, Career Services


Sandy Nowack, Assistant Director
Career Services/Internships