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Part of what makes Whitworth University unique is its dedication to educating both mind and heart. As residence life professionals, we are here to help your son or daughter learn inside and outside the classroom. There are many opportunities to enhance your student's Whitworth education, whether through Prime Time activities in the residence halls, through learning how to live in a community, or through learning to deal with conflict. Please encourage your student to take responsibility for resolving his/her problems using our staff as a resource. We believe that students who learn to deal with problems on their own become more confident individuals who are better able to face challenges that come with emerging adulthood.

Each of our residence halls is overseen by a resident director (RD). These staff members are full-time professional employees. They, and the student resident assistants (RAs), are trained in student development, in ways to build a strong community, in counseling, and in conflict mediation. Other student leaders include small-group coordinators (SGC), medics, cultural-diversity advocates (CDA), and residence hall senators. To learn more about these positions, click here.

You may notice some differences in your student as he/she negotiates the transition to college. To find out more about what your son or daughter is experiencing at Whitworth University, consider attending the parent programs during Orientation Weekend and/or Parents' Weekend (which usually takes place in October).