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Warren Hall

Warren Hall is the largest of Whitworth's residence halls. with 215 residents living in Warren South, Warren West, and Warren East. The building is centrally located on campus and boasts a great view of The Loop (the center of campus). Each night, Prime Time keeps the large main lounge full of activity from 8 until 11 (and sometimes later), and it's a great place to meet new people. At other times, there is usually someone studying in front of the fireplace, using the foosball, ping-pong, or pool tables, playing the piano, or cooking in the kitchen area. In addition to the main lounge area, the second and third floors of Warren contain their own centrally-located lounges with couches and study tables.

Warren residents range in class standing from freshmen to seniors and include international students from several countries. The majority of the rooms in Warren are double rooms, but there are also a few singles and triples for both genders. The rooms in South Warren are carpeted, while the rooms in East and West Warren have tile floors.

Constructed in 1952 and 1963, Warren was named in honor of Dr. Frank F. Warren, Whitworth president from 1940-63. The entire building was recently renovated with new furniture in student rooms and lounges, new carpet, and new windows.

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Room Sizes

Warren West and South

  • Single: 8' x 15.5' or 8' x 16'
  • Double: 13' x 15.5' or 13' x 16'
  • Triple: 17' x 15.5' or 22.5' x 15.5'

Warren East

  • Single: 11.75' x 15.5'
  • Double: 13' x 16'
  • Triple: 27.5' x 16'

Floor Plans (campus intranet access required)