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Theme House Application Guidelines

Whitworth's theme house program is designed to give students a unique on-campus living environment that focuses on an educational and/or service-oriented program of the residents' choice.

Each house is considered to be a part of Whitworth's housing system and therefore falls under the same community values and behavioral expectations as the residence halls. (See the student handbook for detail of policies.) Due to the fact that the residents in these homes are Whitworth ambassadors to the Spokane community, the first violation of any Big Three policy may result in the cancellation of the house contract.

Theme House Program Goals

  1. Provide programs that focus on a particular interest or language and culture.

  2. Serve as a resource for the campus community by hosting monthly educational and social activities.

  3. Provide residents with opportunities to lead and serve others creatively.

Application Process

To apply, submit a creative proposal to the student life office before the deadline listed below. Your proposal should include the following things:

  1. Specific ways your theme house (i.e. programs that you will develop and implement) will meet the Theme House Program Goals.

  2. The name of a faculty/staff advisor who is a salaried employee of the university. The advisor must meet with the house at least once a semester.

  3. Name of each house member.

  4. I.D. number of each house member.

  5. Current class standing of each house member.

  6. The name of each person's current RD (when applicable).

  7. Proposed theme house name, which must clearly signify the theme of the house.

  8. The house's mission statement.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Proposals are due by 4 p.m. on the first weekday of April to the front desk in Student Life. Theme houses will be chosen within the first two weeks of April on the basis of the proposals' quality and creativity. Applicants will be notified via email. Junior- and senior-class applicants are preferred.
  • Specific houses may be requested; however, if your theme is chosen you are not guaranteed to receive that house.
  • Placements will depend on other themes chosen, the number of residents in each house, and which house the university staff feels will best suit each theme and the needs of the university as a whole.
  • Current theme house residents must re-apply with a creative proposal for the following year. Again, there is no guarantee of which house a theme will receive.
  • No part of a proposal will be returned to the applicants.
  • First- and second-year Act Six students are not allowed to live in theme houses per that program's housing restrictions.

Please contact Steven Herevia for more information.

House Descriptions

All houses are furnished with bedroom furniture, a desk and chair for each resident, a sofa, loveseat, coffee and end tables, and a dining room table and chairs. Whitworth will pay for all utilities (not including cable TV).


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