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Theme Houses

Another opportunity for living on campus is the theme-house program. This program is designed to give sophomore, junior and senior students a unique living environment close to campus that focuses on an educational and/or service-oriented program of each resident's choice. Students apply in the spring for the theme that they are interested in pursuing in a communal setting with 2-5 other students for the following year. Whitworth's housing program currently includes more than 20 theme houses.

Click here to read about theme-house application guidelines. Click here for the theme-house map. (Campus Intranet access is required.)

2016-17 Theme Houses and Mission Statements
Artistic Athletes pledges to promote and advocate for fun and creativity by using sports and art as our backbone. We will have competitions, discussions, and times of reflection to help others develop in areas of sports, leadership, and artistic thinking.
Awake will spread the love of Jesus Christ, share the Good News, and grow disciples among the student body.
Disney for Dinner will seek to foster an environment of cultural awareness and closeness through motifs presented in Disney films. We will accomplish this through culturally based meals and the showing of a Disney movie that portrays cultural differences. While considering diversity, we will also be engaging the child at heart of our residents and guests by allowing them to experience the joys of favorite childhood movies.
Fiesta House will celebrate ethnic diversity in an all-welcoming environment that will strengthen the relationships of Whitworth students with one another and broaden students' perspectives on various cultures.
Futbol will bring the Whitworth community of students and staff to our home prior to sporting events, and will then attend those events together to support our Whitworth Pirate athletes.
Girl Almighty will encourage Whitworth students to recognize their value and strength as individuals by promoting self-care and educating students about the complex issues that both women and men face. We are planning on providing students the opportunity to relax and celebrate themselves.
Hale Pa'ina will educate the Whitworth community and share the Hawaiian culture through meals, activities, and get-togethers. We want to create a welcoming and relaxed environment that everyone can enjoy.
House of Rivendell seeks to be for Whitworth what the Elven outpost of Rivendell is for Middle Earth: a safe haven for weary travelers and a sanctuary of wisdom and art. We at the House of Rivendell strive to promote appreciation for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien (and other writers), as well as the values expressed in his works. We hope to provide opportunities for students to live out these values of adventure, friendship, learning and appreciation for the world around us. Creoso, mellonamin! Welcome, friend!
Ignite will educate people on ways in which they can be involved in their community by helping them find vocations, by assisting with self-image, by creating unity within Whitworth students, and by creating dialogue/awareness on how we can make an impact in the Whitworth and Spokane communities, connect students with one another, and help them establish friendships and create support systems.
Powerpuff Girls will provide programs to empower the Whitworth community by showing that no matter where they came from or who they are, they have power within them.
S'Women is a sisterhood of the Whitworth women's swim team. In the spirit of being good sisters, we always want to grow our family, both brothers and sisters, by providing activities such as Bible study, study sessions, and school-spirit functions for our teammates and for fellow Whitworthians. The S'Women theme house seeks to be a warm, welcoming environment that provides positive student-athlete role models for our community.
Sisterhood will live out the truth in Eccl. 4:12, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands in not quickly broken," by offering a place to foster encouraging relationships among women.
Swimming House seeks to be an alternate campus location for swimmers to gather and grow as a team, which allows us to be positive examples of student-athletes for the Whitworth community. Though our events are tailored to swimmers, we welcome non-swimmers to join us and be indoctrinated into the swim community.
The Book Nook is a place where students can come and discuss their chapter in the book of life.
The Laff House believes that comedy is an essential part of shaping our worldviews and connecting all cultures -- because laughter is universal.
The Lord of the Themes revolves around sports and movies. This is a place where a person can feel free to come over and watch a sporting/MMA event or the newest hit movie, attend the occasional BBQ, relax, and enjoy the experience.
The Three Stooges will rejuvenate students and residents through the comic relief of watching the Three Stooges and other comical movies/shorts. Our home and residents are here to help Whitworth's students take a load off their shoulders while they learn about the mid-20th-century comedy trio that continues to make viewers laugh. Along with this we will offer assistance in classes and provide various fun and social games.
Throwback aims to inspire the future by looking to the past. Our goal is to create an environment where students can delve into the past and build a stronger understanding of our history and roots through engaging events.
Under the Sea is inspired by Disney movies (specifically The Little Mermaid 1 and 2 and Finding Nemo), but focusing on the marine-biology aspect of these movies. We plan to focus on fish, turtles, crabs, mermaids, and many other amazing creatures that live under the sea. We want this house to be educationally focused, and we also want to have some fun by incorporating Disney into the learning experience.
Whit Sports will involve students in sporting activities such as Frisbee golf and other sports in which students are able to participate around campus. Our theme house is a welcoming environment in which incoming freshmen and returning students can participate in sporting events and enjoy sports around campus.
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