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Theme Houses

Another opportunity for living on campus is the theme-house program. This program is designed to give sophomore, junior and senior students a unique living environment close to campus that focuses on an educational and/or service-oriented program of each resident's choice. Students apply in the spring for the theme that they are interested in pursuing in a communal setting with 2-5 other students for the following year. Whitworth's housing program currently includes 23 theme houses.

Click here to read about theme-house application guidelines. Click here for the theme-house map. (Campus Intranet access is required.)

2014-15 Theme Houses, Mission Statements, and Advisors


10716 N. Waikiki Rd.

We seek to facilitate the uniting of Spokane's college-aged students as one body in Christ. As a ministry, we believe that the truest form of the gospel can be seen in Jesus' story as well as in the the stories of the people around us.

Advisor: Terry McGonigal

Bridging the Worlds

10306 Lola Ln.

Advisor: Martha Gady

Food and Adventure

10420 N. Whitworth Dr.

We seek to help members of the Whitworth community find their recreational niches, explore their athletic abilities, and implement positive nutritional choices in their lifestyles.

Advisor: Brad Pointer

Friendship is Magic

10315 College Dr.

Establishing deep friendships is one of the best things about college and one of the most important undertakings in life. We seek to provide a space where these relationships can grow and gain strength.

Advisor: John Pell


805 W. Hawthorne Rd.

We will work to provide a sancuary for teammates and members of the soccer program, as well as for other die hard futboleros. We strive to provide an exciting, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere, as well as to build a stronger community within the student body. We will celebrate the universal love for soccer, as well the love for the game on our own campus.

Advisor: Bryan Olson


10414 N Whitworth Dr.

We seek to promote communal fun and relaxation through teaching and playing a variety of board and tabletop games.

Advisor: Richard Stevens

Gurl Clan Theme

615 W. Hawthorne Rd.

We hope to facilitate a relaxing and fun environment where students can bring their computers and/or gaming systems and play videogames with fellow gamers as a way of building community and relieving stress in residents' and visitors' everyday lives.

Advisor: Jenny Brown


10212 N. Ivanhoe Rd.

You do not need superpowers to be a hero. Heroes are those who better the community through leadership, selfessness, and courage. Our mission is to demonstrate to the Whitworth community that everyone has the God-given potential and talents to be a hero and to serve humanity. Our doors will always be open to those who strive to better themselves and those around them. We will celebrate the heroes who have influenced us, and we will seek to emulate them in our own lives.

Advisor: Rob Sandberg

House of Cookies

114 W. Hawthorne Rd.

We believe that a sweet treat is the perfect thing to bring people together and that humanity has a love affair with a sweet little something to munch on. We come from various ethnic backgrounds, and we all have an interest and passion in experiencing new cultures. We hope to share this enthusiasm for exploring new cultures by experiencing their cuisine -- particularly in the shape of the universally beloved cookie, which is as diverse as people and cultures throughout the world.

Advisor: Lulu Gonzalez

Men's Swimming

10302 Lola Ln.

We seek to facilitate swim team activities, to serve as a safe, caring environment for the entire swim team, and to be a group of role models who represent Christ, academics, swimming, and each other.

Advisor: Steve Schadt


106 W. Hawthorne Rd.

We seek to provide an atmosphere in which students and faculty can come together in a peaceful environment, quiet their souls, and restore balance in their lives. Traditionally, "namaste" refers to the act of acknowledging the soul and recognizing the divine in others. We will endeavor to recognize God's love in people and in the world around us.

Advisor: Melissa Rogers


10305 N. Wellen Ln.

Advisor: Elizabeth Abby


10416 N. Whitworth Dr.

We're dedicated to serving as an encouraging and positive gathering place for people with different interests to come together and share a meal, relax, build relationships, and celebrate the sunny side of life. We are committed to meeting the needs of the Whitworth community with loving hearts, open minds, and wide smiles.

Sweet Treats

10622 N. Waikiki Rd.

We plan to have fun and enjoy fellowship by inviting people to come bake and enjoy treats.

Advisor: Debbie Tully


115 W. Hawthorne Rd.

Our mission is to create an environment for the swim team and the student body that will build strong Christ-centered bonds through team-building activities. We want to maintain the women's swim team as a family that can share its values and friendships with the entire Whitworth and Spokane communities.

Advisor: Steve Schadt

Tea and Story Time

10226 N. College Rd.

In Tea & Story Time, we seek to create a place where all are able to relax and share warm beverages and even warmer conversations.


The Field House

619 W. Hawthorne Rd.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and welcoming environment geared toward the athletics community, specifically the women's track and field team. By providing team-building activities, we'll focus on creating an environment of encouragement and motivation to facilitate growth in and among teammates. Together, we want to empower student-athletes -- not only to explore their own potential, but to use their individual gifts to enrich the world around us.

Advisor: Toby Schwarz

The Great Outdoors

103 W. Hawthorne Rd.

We hope to educate our fellow students about the outdoors and about the recreational opportunities in the Spokane area. We strive to bring the Whitworth community together through outdoor activites and eco-friendly living. Furthermore, it is important to us to appreciate and learn about God's creation and beauty through the great outdoors.

Advisor: Mark Killean


10214 N. Ivanhoe Rd.

We will embrace the cultures of different eras and decades throughout the history of the U.S. by celebrating the pivotal moments in our nation's history. We will visit the Roaring Twenties, bring students back to the Old West, and take visitors for a ride on the soul train of the 1960s and 70s.

Advisor: Todd Friends and Rhosetta Rhodes

Women like sports, too

10313 College Rd.

As sisters in Christ, we strive to provide a welcoming and competitive environment. Our house will be a place for teammates, for crosstown rivals, and for all true sports fans.

Advisor: Stacey Naumen