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2015 Housing Lottery

Each returning student wishing to live on campus the following year must participate in the Whitworth Housing Lottery, which takes place each April. This process is designed to give priority to students who have a higher class standing (and therefore fewer opportunities left to live on campus). To ensure a more diverse community, spaces for incoming students are reserved following the same-room process.

Conditions for Participation

  1. Each student must electronically sign the current housing contract prior to participating in any housing lottery process. The contract is found at
  2. You may choose only one room during the housing lottery. If you sign up for more than one room, you and your roommates in all rooms will lose your room assignments.
  3. You must have the same number of roommates as spaces available in a room in order to sign up for a room. The only exception to this is during the remaining-rooms process (see below for more information).
  4. All roommates must be living at Whitworth for the upcoming fall term.
  5. The last day to cancel a room reservation without monetary penalty is June 1. To cancel a room reservation, a student must contact the Whitworth Housing Office before 5 p.m. on June 1. To prevent intentional cancellations that help one person acquire a room over another person, any cancellation made before the deadline may result in all roommates losing their room assignment and being reassigned at the discretion of the housing office. A student who cancels a room reservation any time after the deadline will be charged $250, but his or her roommates will not lose their room assignment. This policy does not apply to incoming freshmen. Contact the housing office if you have any questions about this policy.
  6. Students who will be gone only during the fall semester but wish to return for Jan/Spring semester should contact the housing office in mid-December to make arrangements. See the Frequently Asked Questions section below for more details.
  7. Residents of Baldwin-Jenkins, Stewart, and The Village may not participate in the same-room process as they are freshmen-only buildings.

Housing Points

  • One housing point is given for each academic level you have completed, as determined by the university registrar (e.g., freshman = 1 pt., sophomore = 2 pts., junior = 3 pts., senior = 4 pts.).
  • Your housing points will be e-mailed to your Whitworth account approximately two weeks before the housing lottery.
  • Your housing points can be combined with other students' housing points as long as you all sign up for the same room (e.g. a group consisting of a freshman and a sophomore who are signing up for a double room has three housing points). Housing points can only be combined as long as all of the roommates stay in that group while signing up. Once a member of the group leaves, so do his or her housing point(s).
  • Questions about your housing points should be directed to the Whitworth Housing Office well before the process in which you plan to participate.

Lottery Numbers

  • A computer-generated random lottery number is used to determine who wins a tie in the event that two people or groups have the same number of total housing points.
  • The lottery numbers range from 1 to 10,000, with 1 being first in line and 10,000 being last in line.
  • A group of students will use the lowest lottery number in the entire group when signing up for a room; however, should that group break into small groups, each newly formed group uses that particular group's lowest number (e.g., a four-person group with the lottery numbers 1, 10, 100, and 1,000 would use 1 as its lowest lottery number while signing up. But if the group breaks into two groups--say 1 and 100 are in one group and 10 and 1,000 are in the second group--the first group has a lottery number of 1 and the second group has 10.)
  • Your lottery number, along with your housing point(s), will be e-mailed to your Whitworth e-mail account approximately two weeks before the housing lottery,.
  • Residents of Baldwin-Jenkins, Cornerstone, Stewart, The Village, male residents of Boppell, and student leaders do not receive any extra points.

Steps & different ways to secure a room.




Sign the Housing Contract.
This is MANDATORY for participation in the Housing Lottery!

Now thru the lottery


Housing Q & A at Prime Times
April 7
8-9:45 p.m. East (7 p.m.), Duvall (8 p.m.), and McMillan/Ballard (9 p.m.)
Housing Q & A at Prime Times
April 8
8-9:45 p.m. Baldwin-Jenkins (7 p.m.), StewVille (8 p.m.), and Arend (9 p.m.)

Housing Q & A at Prime Times

April 9

8-9 p.m. Warren (8 p.m.)

Housing Q & A + Find-A-Roommate Night

April 9

9-10 p.m.

HUB Multipurpose Room

Same Room Process

April 13

11a.m.-2 p.m.

Student Life Front Desk

In-House Process

April 20

9:45 p.m.

HUB Dining Hall

Quads, Triples, & Singles Process

April 20

10 p.m.

HUB Dining Hall

Double Room Process

April 22

9:45 p.m.

HUB Dining Hall

Remaining Rooms Process

April 24

2-4 p.m.

Student Life Office

How to Select a Room:

We understand that you may have some schedule conflict that doesn't allow you to attend the process of your choice, be it Same Room, In-House, or any of the other processes. Therefore, any one person may represent multiple people if the next year's roommates can't attend the sign-ups. For example, if only one person from a quad can make it during the Quad process, so be it. However, we still strongly encourage each person to select their own; leaving the room selection up to your future roommate might not be the best idea unless you're very willing to live wherever they choose.

Same Room Sign-ups
April 13, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
HUB, Student Life Front Desk
This process is for people who wish to keep their current room for the next year. You must have the same number of roommates as there are spaces. A resident may sign up with a roommate currently living in another building, except in Boppell apartments and all Stewart "quads," where at least half of the current residents of the apartment/quad must remain in the room to be eligible to sign up for their same room. All other triples and quads on campus must have at least two of the three current residents (for a triple room) or three of the four current residents (for a quad) staying to participate in same-room. The Duvall 6-person pods are given away only as 3 double-rooms, not as 1 six-person room. Residents of Baldwin-Jenkins, Cornerstone, Stewart, The Village, and male residents in Boppell may not participate in the Same-Room process.

In-House Sign-ups
April 20 at 9:45 p.m.
HUB Dining Room
You and your roommates must all be living currently in the building you are signing up for. All room types are eligible for this process. Residents of Baldwin-Jenkins, Cornerstone, Stewart, The Village, may not participate in the In-House process.

Quads, Triples, & Singles Sign-ups
April 20 at 10 p.m.
HUB Dining Room
You must have the same number of roommates as there are spaces in the room in order to take part in this process. All six-person, quad, triple or single rooms available throughout campus will be open at this time. If there are any Boppell 4-person apartments remaining after this process, they will be assigned as double rooms during the double-room process.

Double Room Sign-ups
April 22 at 9:45 p.m.
HUB Dining Room
You must have the same number of roommates as there are spaces in a room in order to take part in this process. At this point, any remaining Boppell 4-person apartments will be assigned as if they were double rooms.

Remaining Rooms Sign-ups
April 24, 2-4 p.m.
Housing Office
If you do not sign up for a room during the earlier lottery processes, come to the housing office on the second floor of the HUB to pick from the remaining available rooms. There are no "minimum restrictions" for this option; a single person can choose a double room by himself or herself. However, it is almost certain that the housing office will place a roommate in that available space sometime during the summer. Room availability will be severely limited by this point in the lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with the housing contract? Do I have to sign one?

All students who want to live on campus next year must electronically sign a housing contract before participating in the Housing Lottery. If a student does not sign the housing contract by this time, s/he may not be allowed to participate in the housing lottery. Signing the contract may be done at

What do I do if I can't find a roommate?

If you're having trouble finding a roommate, ask your RA or RD if s/he's heard of other students in the same position. Often, residence halls post signs in their entrances that help people find roommates. Start asking your floor mates, hall mates, and classmates what their plans are; they too are often looking for a roommate.

There's also the "Find-a-Roommate" online search that allows you to submit that you're looking for a roommate or to review other students' roommate requests.

Additionally, Student Life hosts a "Find-a-Roommate Night" before each lottery. Check the date above.

What if I'm moving off campus?

All students are required to live on campus for the first two years after high school graduation. Students who graduated from high school more than two years ago are not required to turn in a waiver.

All students not meeting this requirement but wishing to live off campus must have an approved waiver before the start of the housing lottery if they plan to live off campus next year. Waivers submitted after the start of the Housing Lottery will not be considered until after May 1. Submitting a waiver is not the same as having an approved waiver.

The Residency Requirement Waiver Request form is available at

Students who turn in their waiver after the Housing Lottery starts (or those who have not yet had their waivers processed) should still go through the housing lottery, knowing that if the waiver is granted, the roommates of the student requesting the waiver may lose their housing assignment and be reassigned at the discretion of the housing office.

Can I sign up for a room with an incoming student?

Yes, you can sign up for a room with a incoming Whitworth student who hasn't yet started at Whitworth only if s/he has confirmed with Whitworth before the Same Room process. If s/he hasn't confirmed by then, you can not use him or her to fill a room. Note: the incoming student will not be issued any housing points or a lottery number. No exceptions are made to this rule.

What if I want to live with an incoming international student?

If you would like to room with an incoming international student next year, you must first take the following steps:

  1. Set up a brief meeting with Lulu Gonzalez of the International and Multicultural Student Services Office (ext. 4509 or to discuss your desire to live with an international student. This meeting must take place before whatever process in which you're choosing to participate.
  2. Ask Ms. Gonzalez to e-mail noting the results of your meeting.
  3. You may then participate in all of the above processes as if you had a current student as your roommate, assuming you meet all of the requirements for that process. An incoming international student receives one housing point but does not receive a lottery number.

What exactly is meant by "You can participate in only one process"?

If you do not receive a room in the first process you go through, you may participate in another following process; however, once you receive a room, you are not allowed to participate in any of the remaining processes. Attempting to sign up for more than one room will result in the loss of room assignments for both you and your next-year's roommates. Bad idea.

How do I sign up for a room when I'm in another country? Or, what's a proxy?

Some students are unable to be at the housing lottery (e.g., they're out of the country on a study-abroad program, their job requires them to work the night of the lottery, etc.). These students should contact a trusted friend who will act as proxy. Once the friend has agreed to act as proxy, both the unavailable student and the proxy need to e-mail from their Whitworth e-mail accounts stating the nature of the agreement.

The student acting as proxy then assumes all decision-making responsibilities during the housing lottery (e.g., which roommates to sign up with, which room to live in, etc.) for the person who can't make it to the housing lottery. The proxy must come to the housing lottery and participate in it as if he or she really were the absent friend. That's why we recommend that a proxy be a trusted friend.

What if I'm studying abroad in the fall but want to come back in Jan Term or Spring Semester?
But while there’s not slick, fancy way to go about securing a room for Jan Term or Spring Semester when you study abroad in the fall, there are actually two very good ways to secure housing when you return:

  1. E-mail the housing office in early December, letting the university know of your desire to live on campus when you return. The housing office will then try to find an opening someplace on campus.
  2. Talk to current students who are signing up for next year's housing at the Housing Lottery, and determine where spaces will be opening up after the fall, e.g. students who are graduating, transferring, or have a one-semester international student. When you find a spot that suits you, simply e-mail the housing office with that info and they'll assign you to that room.
While the first option is certainly uncertain (The housing office never knows where Jan/Spring openings will be until mid December), it does place the task of finding an on-campus space in the hands of the folks who know the most about campus housing. The second option puts more of the work on your shoulders but it would give you more of a say as to where you'd be placed. There's nothing wrong with trying both options, though, simultaneously.

Does any of this mumbo-jumbo apply to me since I'm graduating?

No, none of this matters to you just as long as you graduate! The housing points and lottery numbers are always given to seniors knowing that some will undoubtedly return to campus next year as fifth-year seniors or want to request on-campus housing as graduate students.

Still have questions?

The housing lottery is a bit confusing, but all in all, it's a lot of fun. If you have additional questions about the housing lottery, please contact your RA, your RD, or me Alan Jacob.

Enjoy the pursuit of the perfect room!

Alan B. Jacob
Associate Director, Housing
ext. 3250
Office of Residence Life & Housing
Whitworth University