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Whitworth has a variety of beautiful residence halls to host you and your group. From June through early August, we can provide housing for groups from 20 to 1,000. All residence halls have nearby free parking and amenities such as kitchens and laundry rooms.

Guests have the options of single, double or suite rooms in a variety of residence-hall configurations. Most rooms are double rooms with two twin beds. There are community restrooms on each floor.

Linen Service
The linen rate includes a linen package consisting of two sheets, one pillowcase, one blanket, two towels, two washcloths, soap, a cup and a garbage sack. Fresh towels and washcloths will be replaced every third day if the group is on campus five or more days. Fresh sheets/pillowcase will be replaced every fifth day if the group is on campus eight or more days. Arrangements for additional linen or fresh linen can be made; however, an additional cost will be incurred on a "per item" basis.

Linen, as well as conference-related information, will be placed in each room upon guests' arrival. Requests for beds to be fully made must be communicated through the conference department. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests; however, due to time constraints it may not be feasible for our staff to meet these requests.

For those attending a conference on campus but not staying in on-campus lodging, there is a per-person, per-day fee. Commuters can also make arrangements to purchase additional meals through conference personnel at a separate price.

Recreational Vehicles
Recreational vehicles can be used for lodging on campus at a daily rate and must be registered with appropriate campus security and facilities services personnel.