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Washington State Work-Study Information

If your financial aid award includes a state work-study award, this means:

  • This state-funded program provides off-campus, career-related employment for students who have financial need. More than 200 Spokane area employers hire Whitworth work-study students.

  • That you are ELIGIBLE (not required) to earn that amount this academic year in an approved off-campus job.

  • This award is not an amount that has been directly credited to your student account. It is a financial resource which you may draw upon if needed. The work-study award is a ceiling amount of state work-study, off-campus earnings that you are eligible to earn in order to defray your educational costs.

  • Whitworth University work-study students are not assigned to or placed in jobs. but must take the initiative either to inquire at the Whitworth Student Employment Office or to review online job postings.

  • State work-study employees receive a regular paycheck directly from the off-campus employer.


  • You must have received a work-study award in your financial-aid package.

  • You must complete a Whitworth State Work-Study Authorization Form prior to beginning employment.

  • Your employer must be a hold a valid state work-study contract and job description approved by Whitworth Student Employment.

  • Your work hours may not exceed 19 per week. Click here for a off-campus work-study timesheet.

The streaming video How Work Study Works is available in Windows Media format.