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Dear Students and Alumni,

With the unemployment rate at 8.9%, and the real unemployment rate at 15.6%, there are even more people fighting for the jobs that are out there.

This is why we've been working with OneWire, an online Career Management Tool that creates precise career connections between individuals and opportunities.

Unlike old-fashioned job boards that rely on keyword matching, OneWire uses a two-step process to ensure that you are matched only with those opportunities that precisely meet your goals and experiences.

Create Your Profile. Using our proprietary classification system, quickly and easily create a faceted, detailed profile that includes your education, interests, and work experiences.
Get Matched. OneWire's patent-pending algorithms use the structured data in your profile to accurately match you with opportunities at finance firms.

How is this different from my résumé?
Your résumé is a finite space -- often 1 or 2 pages -- that fails to capture all of your experiences, skills, and interests. How do you anticipate what information each hiring manager will find important? OneWire allows you to store all of your experiences, skills, and interests in a single place. Your information is confidential and secure -- although hiring managers can search on certain criteria, they will never see who you are unless you explicitly grant them permission to do so.

Which firms are using OneWire?
While they can't publicly disclose this information yet, they do say that top firms such as a Major Global Investment Bank, a Premier Global Financial Services Firm, a Global Alternative Investments Firm, and a Boutique Investment Bank are currently using OneWire to search for candidates to fill open positions. Each week, new firms are being added, and more opportunities are being sourced through OneWire.

Join OneWire today and set yourself apart from the competition.