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Internship Websites

    Summer jobs, internships, fieldwork, and postgraduate opportunities. Links to websites and internship programs.

    The goal behind an internship is to try out a field you're interested in pursuing, and also to give you some real-world experience under your belt. Check out for a listing of internships.

  • The Idealist (Action Without Borders)
    Nonprofit Career Center on the web, hundreds of job and internship listings.

    View thousands of listings from across the USA. Powered by You will need to join this site; it's FREE and takes a few minutes to join.

    Search for internships and find resources you need to master your application process.

  • The InternSource
    A program of the not-for-profit Community College Foundation; recruits and manages student interns working in government agencies and private industry.

  • Job Boards for Internships
    Landing the right internship can help you network, test your skills, build your re'sume', and even land a job at the company of your dreams. Of course, this can be dependent on you finding the right internship, which can prove to be a difficult endeavor. Don't despair. This website has compiled an extensive list of internship on job boards, internship recruiting firms, and repeated internships in major companies. Check out this list and jump-start your future career.

  • Magazine Publishers of America
    MPA is an industry association for consumer magazines. It represents more than 200 US-based publishing companies and more than 75 international companies.

  • MonsterTrak
    MonsterTrak lists full-time and part-time internships and summer jobs.

  • My Travel Bug Fellowship Program
    Provides stipends to top-quality writers for trips overseas of three months to one year. The basic criteria are financial need, intellectual curiosity and the ability to write clearly and honestly about your travels along the way. These stories, pictures and audio will be published on the mytravelbug website.

  • National Science Foundation -- Research Experiences for Undergraduates
    This includes fields of social science, science, mathematics, and engineering.

  • Rising Star Internships
    Internship search is selected through pre-sorted categories.

  • Washington Intern Student Housing
    This website covers student housing in Washington. Housing is found at a number of close-in Capitol Hill locations that make it easy for students to access the excitement and charm of life in Washington, D.C.