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Frequently Asked Questions About Internships at Whitworth

What is the role of my faculty intership advisor?
Your faculty internship advisor is a college faculty member associated with your academic major who is responsible for guiding the quality of your learning experience. This person helps you establish learning goals, and approves your placement and learning contract before you can register. The faculty supervisor also evaluates your internship experience in light of the learning goals and assigns your grade.

Who is my site supervisor?
Your site supervisor is an employee in the organization who will directly supervise you at the internship work site.

May I do more than one internship for credit?
Yes, if your faculty internship advisor approves them. If you want to do another internship at the same site, the learning objectives and site activities must be completely different with a new focus to ensure a new learning experience.

How do I find an internship?
Click here to view internship postings through Career Services' WhitJobs online job and internship posting site.

Am I limited to choosing one of the listed internships?
No, if you know of a job or volunteer experience, we can work with you to create an internship opportunity.

Can I use my current job as an internship experience?
It may be possible. If your job relates to your major and if it is possible to do new projects that will give you an academic learning experience, it may be considered.

How many hours do I have to work to earn a credit?
You must work 40 hours per semester for each credit that you carry. So, two credits would require 80 hours and three credits would require 120 hours per semester.

What's an internship contract?
It's the agreement form between you, the employer, your faculty internship advisor and the Internship Office. It lists what you must accomplish in order to receive credit. Click here to open the Internship Contract Form.

I just did an internship but didn't know I could get credit. Can I get retroactive credit?
Sorry, but no. It must be set up as a learning experience ahead of time -- so that the work can be academically approved and guided by your Faculty Supervisor.

Is it really that important to do an internship?
Yes, because you get practical experience and experience the workplace a non-threatening way. You can determine if the everyday tasks required in the type of career you're pursuing fit you. You will make contacts in your career field which may lead to a future job or you may acquire a permanent job at your internship site.