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Graduate School Resources

Many Whitworth University graduates choose to continue their education by attending graduate or professional school. Whether you choose to do so immediately, after a break from school, or not at all is up to you. The best time to apply and enroll in graduate school is whenever you are sure about the direction you have chosen, and when you can make the best case for yourself in your applications.

The most common reasons for continuing your education are to make yourself eligible for new career opportunities, or to improve your value and ability in the field you already work in. Some other students are simply interested enough in an academic or professional field that they choose to study it at the graduate level even though they don't have plans to use the degree or knowledge in a specific way.

If you take time away from school before continuing, you may find that your interests and goals change or that there is more than one graduate degree that will serve your purposes.

This site is designed to show you some of the resources available for researching schools and programs and deciding where to enroll.

If you uncover helpful sites that are not mentioned on these pages, please let us know.