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Transfer Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities
  1. Students have the right to clear, accurate and current information about their transfer admission requirements, transfer admission deadlines, degree requirements, and transfer policies that include course equivalencies.

  2. Transfer- and freshman-entry students have the right to expect comparable standards for regular admission to programs and comparable program requirements.

  3. Students have the right to seek clarification regarding their transfer evaluation and may request the reconsideration of any aspect of that evaluation. In response, the college will follow established practices and processes for reviewing its transfer credit decisions.

  4. Students who encounter other transfer difficulties have the right to seek resolution. Each institution will have a defined process for resolution that is published and readily available to students.

  5. Students have the responsibility to complete all materials required for admission and to submit the application on or before the published deadlines.

  6. Students have the responsibility to plan their courses of study by referring to the specific published degree requirements of the college or academic program in which they intend to earn a bachelor’s degree.

  7. When a student changes a major or degree program, s/he assumes full responsibility for meeting the new requirements.

University/College Rights and Responsibilities

  • Universities and colleges have the right and authority to determine program requirements and course offerings in accordance with their institutions' missions.

  • Universities and colleges have the responsibility to communicate and publish their requirements and course offerings to students and the public; this includes information about student transfer rights and responsibilities.

  • Universities and colleges have the responsibility to communicate their admission- and transfer-related decisions to students in writing (via electronic or paper media).