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Articulation Agreements

  1. Gonzaga University: ROTC Program

  2. Gonzaga University School of Law: 3 + 3 Program

  3. Washington State University: College of Nursing (CON)

  4. Columbia University, N.Y.: Combined Degree Program in Engineering and Applied Science

  5. Washington State University: 3 + 2 Dual Degree Program in an Engineering Discipline

  6. Washington University in St. Louis: Corresponding Dual Degree Program in Engineering and Applied Science

  7. Au Sable Institute: Biology

  8. Community Colleges of Spokane: Associate of Applied Science Agreement

  9. Community Colleges of Spokane: Transfer International Students

  10. Spokane Falls Community College: Education Paraprofessionals

For more information, please contact the Whitworth University Registrar’s Office at