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Proper Identification for all members -

All Undergraduate (full-time, part-time), graduate students and all faculty, staff, employee, spouse and dependents must have their valid WU Identification card to gain access to the University Recreation Center. Individuals will be asked to refrain from using the University Recreation Center until they can produce their proper valid WU Identification card. 

Membership periods -

Fall semester is from early September to the end of Jan term.

Spring semester is from early February to mid May.

Summer semester is from early June to late August.

  • Membership during academic breaks:
    • Graduating seniors and other students who are not registered for the subsequent semester (e.g., fall, spring) will be removed from the Fusion membership data base on or within a few days of the last day of the semester (e.g., friday of finals week).  Patrons do not have access to the building after their membership expires.  This policy also applies to students who are taking a leave of absence, those that don’t meet matriculated day student status (forget to sign up for classes), study abroad for a semester (non-faculty led program), and the 3-2 engineering program.

Faculty, staff and full-time employee memberships -

Faculty, staff and full-time employees of Whitworth University are eligible members of the University Recreation Center with their current WU Identification card. 

Full-time Undergraduate student memberships -

Full-time Undergraduate students receive full access to the University Recreation Center. Memberships are extended to students who are co-enrolled at the WSU nursing school. If a student is taking less than a full load (12) credits but are still classified as a Matriculated Day student then they will have access to U-Rec. Make sure that you speak with the registrar's office to clarify prior to making your decision to reduce your credit load.

Graduate Students -

Graduate students are eligible to utilize U-Rec for a membership fee. This includes but is not limited to MBA, MIT and the Masters of Arts in Theology degrees.

Evening Programs -

Continuing studies students are eligible to utilize U-Rec for a membership fee.

Adjunct and Lecturers memberhsips -

Current active adjunct faculty and lecturers have full access to U-Rec but only during the terms of their contract. For more information contact Human Resources.

Alumni memberships -

The University Recreation Center is the primarily facility for Whitworth students, faculty, staff, employees and their families.  With an average of 9200 users per month there are no outside memberships available.

Spouse/dependents memberships -

Memberships are available for dependents of faculty and staff members. A dependent is defined as a family member that you are claiming on your annual tax forms. The minimum age is 14 and ALL MINORS MUST be accompanied by an adult until their 18th birthday.

Membership process -

The employee benefit to obtain a guest card for a spouse or child is dependent upon the faculty/staff member having a FTE greater than 0.5. Or, talk with HR about your specific benefits options.

The Family Membership Application is located in Pirate Port. Select the Forms icon (right side of the page), then scroll down to RECREATION CENTER. Complete the online application. Human Resources requires approximately 7-10 days to process the form. Afterwards, you will be advised to pick up the card from student life (2nd floor in the HUB).  Once the card is printed, it will take at minimum 24 hours (next working day) for that individual to appear in U-Rec's facility access software.

If, after submission of the form, you are curious if your ID card is ready to be picked up before walking over to the HUB contact Leslie Watkins @ x4532.

Membership process: Payments -

Payment for a membership or guest pass are completed at the membership services counter in U-Rec. Acceptable payment methods are cash or debit card. Credit cards are not accepted.

Graduating student memberships -

All recently graduated Undergraduate and Graduate students lose their membership eligibility once finals week has ended. The only access available to U-Rec after graduation is via a guest pass.

Daily Guest pass -

The University Recreation Center is primarily for Whitworth students, faculty, staff, employees and their family members.  A guest pass can be purchased by the guest of a currently employed Whitworth community member/student for $8.00 cash/debit at the member services desk. The guest pass can also be purchased through the U-Rec Portal, "guest pass" link on the U-Rec home page. If purchasing a pass at the member services desk both the guest and Whitworth representative must be present. The Whitworth representative must have a current ID card with them. The guest must have a valid picture ID to obtain a pass. A weekly, 7 day, guest pass is also available for $35.

Membership Fees -

$35 for one month
$130 for one semester
$275 for one academic year (September-August)

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