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Staff Greeting

Dolores Humiston
Director of Human Resource Services

Dr. Taylor, on behalf of the staff of Whitworth University, I extend a very warm welcome to you, your family, and our honored guests.

Dolores HumistonIt is a sincere privilege to represent Whitworth's staff on the platform today. I am grateful to work alongside the women and men who play varied and important roles here at the university.

As staff, we serve in the residence halls and the counseling center, in international student affairs, the career center, and the chapel. We spend our time in nearly every department across campus, assisting and coordinating daily operations. We work side-by-side with faculty by supporting the academic program through advising, playing the piano, providing technical library support, working in science labs, offering service learning opportunities, and through coaching.

Many of us have important and meaningful relationships with students as we supervise and teach them in the workplace.

We are proud of our campus environment as we keep our facilities clean and well maintained, the grounds green and beautiful, and see that new buildings progress on schedule. We raise funds, organize special events, and keep our larger community informed about the activities of the university. We admit and register students, and help them with their financial aid and student accounts. We sell textbooks, and we make our campus safe and secure.

We order supplies, pay the bills, run the post office and the print shop. We maintain our website and provide needed infrastructure for all of our classroom and system technology. We support each other too by keeping the vehicle pool running, by filling vacant positions, and by providing training, employee benefits, and regular paychecks.

Regardless of our daily roles, we believe each of us is responsible for student recruitment and retention. And we believe it is our special role to model the life of Christ in the ways we carry out our diverse duties. Our students learn what it means to be dedicated to something that is worthy and larger than any one of us, for we, as the staff of Whitworth University, believe in a unified voice in the mission of this institution. We are so glad you're here!