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Alumni Greeting

Anne McCulloch Storm, '74

Forty years ago this fall, I came to Whitworth a very young, naïve, homesick freshman. Well, it didn't take long for Whitworth to soon become home for the next four years. My friends and I quickly recognized the exceptional education of mind and heart, of which we were blessed.

Ann McCulloch StormAs was the case of our friends in other schools, we were NOT sitting in huge lecture halls never knowing our professors. No, we were constantly in conversations, in and out of the classroom, with the Harry Dixons, the Leonard Oaklands, the Phil Eatons, and the Fenton Duvalls. It doesn't get any better than that!

It was through these relationships and the love of Christ being poured on us, that we found a safe place to question and grow, to make mistakes and learn.

There was a love for learning here that was contagious, and we became infected.

As our minds and hearts were being nurtured, we were pretty sure this was a unique time in Whitworth's history. We thought we were pretty special. Well, we were not unique.

There have been 36 just as special classes since ours. The investment that is made into the students among the pines is priceless.

It is as strong today as it was 40 years ago. My husband and I have seen it played out again in the last 4 years, as our son has been a student. And we have been so blessed to have had dozens of Pirates in our home.

The story remains the same. They each have had a professor or a president that changed their life. The stories are the same, but the titles have evolved over the years. In our day they were called, Dr. Eaton, Dr. Oakland, Dr. Duvall. Today we have TMACK, BROB, and even JERBEAR. I'm curious what you; Dr. Taylor will soon be called.

So how does one little institution sustain its mission, year after year, generation to generation? It's bigger than Whitworth! It's easy to see that God has his hand on this place, providing such exceptional faculty, staff, and administration.

And once again, we see God's faithfulness in the perfect person of Beck Taylor to lead this mission going forward.