Computer Labs


Instructional Computer Lab Manager

Anthony Aoyagi, (509) 777-4861

  • User Account Problems:  If a user has problems accessing their accounts from within the computer labs, please see either a Lab Assistant or the Lab Manager.  Problems can include not being able to log on to the computers, not being able to print, computer freezing, or any other situation that requires computer help.

  • Lab Reservations:  A 24-hour notice is required to schedule individual class. Activities will be scheduled based upon lab availability. A limited number of hours will be set aside for scheduled activities in an attempt to maintain the largest possible number of hours for general student use.

  • Semester-long computer lab reservations (room bookings) must be arranged with Mark Baker at the Registrar's Office at (509) 777-4332 or

  • Lab Printing/Copying:  Students are provided up to 500 printed/copied pages per semester at no charge. Printing at no cost is a privilege. Please use printing resources responsibly and help us prevent waste. Charges for printed/copied pages above the 500 per semester are charged at the rate of 5 cents per black and white page and 35 cents per color page.

  • Files Stored on Campus Network:  Faculty members and students have the ability to store files on the campus academic network to the following drives:

  • H:\ drive (Students on stu-file).  Each enrolled student has a personal folder created here that only the student has access to.  Folders are named according to the username of the student and is limited to 30mb in size.

  • L:\ drive (Campus on stu-file).  This drive is for the general use of the Campus population.  Please Note:  The files stored in the Campus drive are not backed up, protected from other users modifications  and the contents are Deleted at the end of each month.

  • M:\ drive (Classdata on stu-file).  This drive is to be used by faculty and their classes only.  General items saved to this drive will be deleted without notice.

Lab Assistants