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Early Fifties Endowed Scholarship Donors

Dr. Samuel and Colleen Adams
Rev. William and Nancy Ainley
Chuck Ainley
Ginny Ainley
Robert and Marilyn Ainley
Betty Alsgaard
Russell Alsgaard
Barbara and Alex Antes
Elsie Apling
Beth and James Baer
F. Dean and Muriel Bailey
Donna Bauer
Donald and Norma Bennett
Donald Bishop
Dr. John and Dorothea Black
Hilma and George Bloomsburg
Elaine Boehmer
Clayton and Betty Bostic
Dr. Charles and Edyth Bovee
Chuck Bowman
Geraldine and Walter Bradshaw
Gordy Brandt
Robert and Shirley Bruce
Sylvia and Alvin Buchholtz
Vernon and Marie Buckley
Lois Calkins
Bob Canfield
Madelyn Carlson
Rev. Jack Chan
Richard and Muriel Chiolis
Miriam Clark
Rev. Richard and Elizabeth Cole
Wendy Couch
Gladys and Rev. William Creevey
Fran Davis
Mary Beth Davis
Dan and Pat Devin
Donna Douglass
Bob Dudley
Scott Elder
Joyce and Kenneth Erickson
Estate of Calvin Moxley
Nick Faber
Jaye Fairchild
Mary and Al Franklin
Bob Goodale
Stanley and Jeanette Graham
Rev. Weston and Jeanne Gray
Rev. Donald and Barbara Griffin
Marvin and Martha Heaps
Roberta Duran Holiday
Edna Hollingsworth
Florence and Rev. Glen Holman

Bonnie Sue Holmes
Paul Holsinger
Dixie Hutson
Ann Jacobson
Donn Jann
Rev. Andrew and Darlene Jarvis
Mark and Lois Jennings
Barbara and Dr. Paul Johnson Rev. Richard and Ardith Klein
Betty Knobel
Paul Leavens
Donalee Lee
Bob Leep
Ronald and Jean Lentes
Madelyn Levy
Patricia and Robert Light
Amber Lockett
John and Susan Love
Clyde Matters
Dr. Duwaine and Elsie Matthews
Jim McConnell
Betty Green McCown
William and Barbara McCullough
Philip McDonald
Marvin McLean
Bill McNeil
Frank and Barbara Meyers
Allen Miller
Ken Moen
Howard Moneymaker
Wallace and Harlene Moore
Kenneth and Carol Moore
Cal Moxley
Bernie Nelson
Willis and Madeline Newton
Georgie Nupen
Wallace and Nancy Opstad
H. Leslie Patten
Georgene Patten
Bob Peck
Rich Peters
Clyde and Colleen Pock
Beatrice and Don Polinsky
Corinne and Harvey Polley
Alice Powner
Sterling Rainey
Robert and Florence Rhinehart
Connie Robertson
Norm Roehl
Helen Roth
Sylvia and Harvey Ryan
Mary Ryan
Sam and Emily Wall

Ruth and Royce Satterlee
Alyce Schaffer
Dr. Delbert Schalock
C. Philip and Shirley Schiller
Paul and Maureen Schilperoort
Gordon and Thea Schweitzer
John and Judith Scotford
Barb Scott
Mrs. Lee Sheldon
Barbara and Richard Shobe
Don Smith
Doris Sonnemann
Jean and Thomas Souter
Ed Stirm
Raymond and Betty Stone
Art and Glenna Symons
Rev J. Graley and Dorothy Taylor
Marilyn Taylor
Rev. Leigh and Marlene Taylor
Dick Terry
Mary Ann Thimmes
Joe Thome
Rev. George and Virginia Till
Nina Tone
Cdr. A. Ronald and Alice Treibel
Bonna Turney
Rev. Victor Urban
Dave Voge
Carole and William Wade
Genece and Rev. Robert Warren
Dr. George and Dorine Weber
Mary Lou and Robert Weinland
Betty Winchell
Bernice Woodhead
Al Wylder
Dr. David and Grace Yeaworth
Herbert Young
Glenna Zwainz
Ten Anonymous Donors

*The Clark Construction Matching Gift Program also supported the fund.

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