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Editor's Note

Editor, Terry MitchellWhen we asked a wide range of faculty members to write essays for Whitworth Today about war through the eyes of faith, we weren't looking for a debate: We wanted essays that went to the heart of what war means and of how we deal with it. The responses were all we could have hoped for. As you read those essays, in the magazine and on this website, I hope you'll remember that they are not meant to be polemical or provocative; they come from the hearts of thoughtful people who must come to grips with the loss of a wonderful young Whitworth alum and with the fact that thousands of other fine young men and women are in harm's way each day due to the terrible reality of war.

Of course, our magazine also includes a funny, enjoyable account of a 2006 grad's bike trip across America; it features our newest residence hall and the Whitworth icon for whom that hall is named; it brings you news of your classmates and of faculty and alumni achievements; it includes a great Q-and-A between Whitworth students and this year's English Endowed Reader. I hope that this issue of Whitworth Today informs you, makes you smile, gives you pause, and touches your heart.

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