25 Signs You Went to Whitworth
  1. You clap when someone drops his or her dishware.

  2. You’ve seriously considered the pros and cons of owning a pet squirrel.

  3. You grow out a neck beard in honor of your school’s founder despite its negative effects on your social interactions.

  4. If you were to describe what Plato looked like it would probably sound a lot like Forrest Baird.

  5. When you hear, “Duvall” you think of a person, not a residence hall.

  6. Beanies will always remind you of move-in weekend and your freshman year.

  7. You lose a little respect for anyone that confuses Whitworth with Whitman.

  8. You are Facebook friends with Beck Taylor.

  9. Knowing where your professors live and pointing it out to your friends as you drive by isn't weird at all.

  10. You remember needing an umbrella when it rained and you were inside the HUB.

  11. You know the true meaning of Blatting and arbitrarily keep it secret.

  12. Touchdown Jesus is your favorite Frisbee golf hole.

  13. You are reminded of Core tests when you walk into Cowles Auditorium.

  14. When your child asks you for a sled, you hand them a cafeteria tray.

  15. Occasionally, on Fridays, you still crave French dips and fries. Bonus: Saturdays will always be "Steak Night!"

  16. You still can't pronounce – or spell – the word, "campanile." It is pronounced, "camp-a-neel-y" by the way.

  17. When you see a smiley face, you think about Mac – and milk and cookies.

  18. You "Like" every photo you see on Facebook of Bill Robinson.

  19. You are surprised when your new friends and colleagues can't explain their worldview.

  20. You had Leonard Oakland as a professor. He's been here since '67, if you haven't had him, you know him.

  21. You love to talk about how you accomplished each of the "Little Three."

  22. You don't know what a "dorm" is, but "residence hall" gives you a warm feeling all over.

  23. You remember when you could actually get lost in the Back 40. Or, live there.

  24. When you hear clicklity-clack of a pinecone falling your heart races and you run dizzily as you look up towards the nearest tree.

  25. Whenever you sit at a long table that is covered with a tablecloth, you fear being "troughed."