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Whitworth 1890 Society

Josie Camarillo, '14

"Whitworth is my dream school, but without the scholarships and grants that I received as an incoming freshman, I would not have been able to attend here. I am grateful for the generous people who have made my college education possible, and I continue to thank God for blessing me as much as he has."

–Josie Camarillo, '14

Join Now

There's power in numbers. Whitworth relies on consistent annual support from alumni, parents and friends. The 1890 Society recognizes those who make annual contributions for two or more consecutive years. Whitworth doesn't expect everyone to make a large gift (though any gift is greatly appreciated). In fact, one of our most important goals is participation-- increasing the number of people who give, period. A higher giving participation rate means great things for Whitworth students: financial aid to help keep school affordable, support for faculty research, and campus maintenance and improvements to enhance students' educational experience.

Participation, particularly from alumni, also helps Whitworth apply successfully for much-needed grants. Funding institutions gauge alumni satisfaction by the number of alums who support their alma mater. The higher the participation rate, the better Whitworth's chances are to earn funding that will strengthen our service to students.

Support what you love about Whitworth. As a member of The 1890 Society, your gifts will support The Whitworth Fund, or you may designate your gift to support a special program or department that meant a lot to you as a student. Areas in which to designate your support include the science research endowment, athletics, the performing arts… you choose!

Regardless of the amount of their contributions, members of The 1890 Society express a desire to further the university's mind-and-heart mission for its students.

How It Works

Join monthly. A monthly gift of $5 or more will qualify you for membership.

Make an annual gift. 1890 Society donors may also join by giving once each year. The size of the gift doesn't matter. Whether you give $50,000, $5,000, or even $50, you're in!

1890 Society benefits

Early registration to selected events. With membership in The 1890 Society, you'll receive a code that will allow you to register early for selected events in the upcoming academic year. (That's why it's best to start giving in August or September.)

Captured memories. 1890 Society members will be able to add an element of Pirate Pride to their homes or computer desktops. Those who attend Picnic with a Pirate, on Sept. 7, will get their very own digital copy of a photo with the Whitworth Pirate!

Being part of a lasting legacy. More important than the swag and discounts is the fact that you will belong to a community of alumni, parents and friends who are making a difference for new generations of students. It's encouraging for students to know that they have the support of hundreds of alumni, parents and friends behind them as they pursue their own educations of mind and heart.

Questions? Call us at 509.777.4769 or e-mail

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