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Your vote of confidence in Whitworth is vital to everything we do, and your generosity not only touches our students' lives every day, but inspires them to make a difference in the world. More...


Luke | Biochemistry, Premed

As a soon-to-be graduating senior, I look back at my Whitworth experience and stand in awe of the journey that has brought me to this point. As a senior in high school, I didn't know of Whitworth until I received a Dean's Priority Application in the mail. More...


Gianina | Cross-Cultural Studies

I know I've always been different. I am a Japanese and Filipino girl living in the United States. I've learned to embrace the differences in all three cultures. I've even learned to adapt and to integrate the conflicting ideologies. I am so grateful for my parents, who have exposed me to these different aspects of life. Growing up, I have been encouraged to think outside the box and to have an open mind. More...


Brodrick | Biology

I am not just a student, nor am I just a football player. I am a student-athlete dedicated to both academics and athletics. I want to be an All-American just as much as I want to be accepted to medical school. More...


Kathryn | Communications

When I began my college search, I can honestly say that Spokane was the last place where I expected to spend four years of my life. In fact, Whitworth was the only university that I applied to in all of Washington. More...


Stephanie | Spanish

Have you ever been the only person in the class who doesn't have her book, and it's not because you forgot it at home? I am a non-traditional, first-generation student at Whitworth University, and it's obvious that I didn't take the typical route to higher education. More...


Eugen | Economics, International Business

I am a third-year student, originally from Moldova, having spent a considerable portion of my life in Ireland. I am pursuing a double major in economics and international business, and I am hopeful at looking toward the future. More...


Samson | Business Management

My story begins in Pasco, where I have lived since I was in the third grade. Pasco faces many academic challenges due to the vast majority of English-as-a-second-language students in public schools there. Growing up, it was easy to occupy my time elsewhere rather than to focus on my education as most would hope. More...

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